Congratulation you have lost another player and a lot of other follow me

this new update is a terrible mass or error.
OVER is completly ruined and can’t be controlled anymore (floating system is excessive)
OMNI is a dead rock under your veicle
ALL WEEL is unusable, at lower speed not turn and at high speed the car do U-turn al time

DEAD BODY OF CAR in battle field have destroyed the dog build because them wiil be covered by this deadcar body.
LANCER and MELEE build can’t do nothing because this dead body block the bullet.
no one player can see the battle field tank to this dead body

Mouse aiming and steering have destroyed a turret weapon, now them is uselees

i have found only one type of person that like this new update and them are the clown of the game, ( clown is a commedian that cant do nothing seriously) they are the person that can’t do clan war beacause they aren’t able to learn and study how to build and how to use a weapon and counter the enemy weapon.
this person can play to arcade game on kongregate and no more and now they can try to play to crossout :frowning:

congratulation to the stupid person that have take the decsion to destroy crossout and transform in to arcade bugged game for retarded person :frowning: (i use the word “retarded” because one person that can’t able to study and learn is called retarded on dictionary, i don’t whant to offend the person that have an handicap)

after little bit then 2 years of this game, i stop to play, problably i enter in game few minuts only for do 2 mision for premium coin and if somefriend whant to play to this kid game i give my account to he.
i’m sad only becouse i have spent some money in this game when this is game and not aphatetic arcade game :frowning:

P.S. new graphic is good…if you have a new pc over 4k of euro BUT new graphic is full of bug, flame that disappear, bullet that exit from gun and disappear at half way, object the fliker around the map (this bug work on hight price pc and on lower price pc)


This game is Unplayable now. Wheels bigrams and hovers are horrendous to ride.


hovers aren’t ruined, they are changed YES you will need to rebuild your builds so they don’t flop over and maybe they can tone down the wobbliness of hovers, hovers are kind of being forced to be build with a more square platform, rather then like a straight ship, you can still run sideways hovers, but they are less stable, and honestly, that makes sense from a real world physics perspective

omni are dead rock under your vehicle? the omni wheels are so much more responsive now, you don’t loose all your momentum when changing directions slightly

yes driving is a little more stiff now, but this actually helps prevent crashing into walls when you have a small lag spike, it honestly feels 100% better to drive with high ping, I agree that if you try to turn around, you seem to oversteer allot especially when doing a u turn, anyway you will get used to how the vehicles turn after playing for a week or so and you will realize that, if you just steer earlier, you can turn when you want to turn it will become natural once your brain gets rewired, allot of people are just annoyed because they have to re-learn how to drive in the game and they don’t bother looking into the potential benefits of how it is now set up

the bodies are something you will probably get used to but yeah people gonna be annoyed at this that happened hat didn’t happen before because people inherently hate change for some nonsensical reason that’s wired into our monkey brains

you can disable the vehicle turning with your mouse, you can change camera controls back to the way it was before, maybe try to, you know, look at the new settings this update gave us? they literally just gave up more options, your just angry because this is now the default, yeah i hate my mouse moving my vehicle as well, that’s why I disabled it…

yes the graphics are good, and yes i know the issues you are talking about, like when you shoot retches, their is NO bullet trail when you look at them from behind which is super dumb, maybe a bug idk, a few of the guys I was playing with messed with their graphics settings and fixed the problem but, like, we shouldn’t have to change settings like this to fix these kinds of problems

the game is not unplayable it is different, some good, some other things need some work, i think overall the fact that they are actually changing some stuff that effect gameplay means that, they care enough to now just leave the game rot with all of it’s issues, yeah, new issues will be created when trying to improve the game, it’s called trial and error, have a winge over it at the end of the game if they keep improving, and if they ACTUALLY listen to feedback about what is and is not working, the game will be better off for it


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Hey :slight_smile: I love change.

My monkey brain is just fine.


A lot of people are missing those settings.

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You have a good monkey brain, but not every monkey does!

it won’t even start the game for me after the update


Thank you, I needed some salt for my steak :ok_hand:

But seriously, point me to the paragraph in ToS where it says exactly “the game will never change and you won’t have to learn new ways of building and/or controlling your vehicle”. Have you expected the game to be the same mundane, boring, tedious grind over and over again. It still is though, but now you have to press buttons in a different way. If you don’t like such small change… sucks to be you, I guess.



Your answer show that you sre not a CW player and you are not a seriously player and probably you are new account max 6 mounth old.
My overis very karge and more karge is it and more became unplayable.
I use omni in raid. Ij CW and in high ps pvp i use it 80% of time, i know how to use it and now is worst then before.

Plz do a goid action and go on kongregate to play to sone car game for kid. Press only w and fire button and brrrruuuuummmmm you can becone skilled player.

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I’m usa something unknowed to you, brain! Before say something about every object or situation i check and controll everything.

So many tears…

Remember to replenish your water! Crying like this is going to make you dehydrated!


Lol, Hover players whining and screaming like the entitled children they are.


The funny thing is that I’ve seen some great hover players today, all of them switching to forward facing builds and performing quite well.

Sure, forward facing hovers are a bit easier to demobilize, but truly skilled players don’t seem to be having any trouble adapting.

And as far as other strafing parts go, I just saw one forum member shredding up the battlefield on a meat grinder/porc/king build (you can probably guess who). First match he was on the enemy team, and killed five out of six. The next time he was on my team and easily got MVP. Very curious if he’s using the new controls.


I always play forward facing… I can’t say I’m fond of the new controls yet. Turned them off for the moment but I’ll try them again. I found that I like the Icarus IV hovers better then the VII though they have less of the body roll effect which is a a bit of a nicer flying experience.

The only thing that I found really irritating is how close the camera is stuck to the car. I kind of like being able to back off more and see more of what’s behind me.


I know what you mean, but the reverse camera toggle has compensated for that, for me. The free look button is also new for console, and is proving very useful for situational awareness.
I guess PC players have always had those, or is the reverse thing new for you guys too?

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It’s new, I’m still looking over all the changes too. It’s kind of disorienting. I’ll have to probably rematch the live stream a few more times so I get all of it down.

Its not about controls you geniuses but about how hovers are acting (wobbling) now.
Peace :love_you_gesture:


Rebuild. If you are too narrow, or if your weight balance is off, they won’t handle well. But if you experiment a bit you can get them to feel more stable.
New physics = new builds.