Connection/countdown issues

Hello there. I have an issue where the countdown timer will bounce. Ie: 9…8…9…8…7…8…7…etc.
When it finally loads I will be stuck frozen in place.
This issue happens only on my Internet in my apartment. When I’m playing on any of my friends Internet at their houses/apartments I don’t have this issue.
I’ve changed ISPs, gotten a new modem. And shaw checked the line and said there weren’t any issues.
I think it’s my apartment building somehow causing the issue.
Any help would be appreciated.

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This happens to me as well. I have theorized that it’s trying and somewhat failing to connect to a server too far away from you (say you’re in NA east and it’s trying to connect to an east Aisa server). I cannot confirm this is what is happening, but you could try locking you region to the sever closest to you, although queue times will likely increase.

Yeah, same issues here as well. Along with dropping in late or my vehicle decides to go in different directions than what my mouse & key board say it should be traveling. Turns and goes into a back wall and vehicle goes berserk.