Console 6v6 is getting depressingly stale

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My mvp count would have to disagree with you on that one.

count or %

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You are right about that one since all mt friends can make it into the top 5 where the good players are. Below that and where tenshijjin plays we cannot ever take seriously in a competitive manner with all due respect.

Everything is relative and an mvp count does not make you a good player but being able to compete with the good players proves you are on their level which does not apply for that guy.

pretty sick dhawks post got flagged, just like in RL all the weak ones who would die off naturally first in nature will be granted the biggest ‘STAGE’…

joke after joke after joke

Think I lost some IQ watching that

Lol. That video of me using some crappy build I made and used for two rounds and deleted while never bothering to paint it? What does that even prove? Not a damn thing. Oh no a fire dog killed someone! They must be terrible players all of them!

You thinking that vid shows anything is the real joke.

proves that you used it… :rofl:
but really…we all test builds in pvp or pve,so yup,doesn’t prove anything…
like i said,this games needs a que of dps and support for balance matches,3 dps and 3 support to que,or diff ques for 4 dps and 2 support ect…either way i’m sure we get matches just as quik…

All it shows is a firedog brainlet copy paste

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Zenger only ever contributes to this forum to come at me. It’s pretty pathetic on his part. He thinks I’m Jewish and that enrages him.


I don’t even know who that guy is or even care. I honestly skipped over that post until I wanted to see what you guys where talking about :slight_smile:

Don’t mind the trolls

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The thing I’m most excited for this year is crossplay and hopefully getting 8vs8 back. The game lost so much when it switched to 6vs6. Games are so quiet and fast.


Amen brother!