Console 6v6 is getting depressingly stale

Games feel so empty and boring, just the same drones, melee and side hovers, you load into games and just go ‘oh we lose this game then’ as you face the same people over and over 4 stacks and 6v6 is so unbalanced it takes enjoyment out of the game…

You’ll lose 3-4 teammates in 30 seconds to a min and wonder why you even queued in the first place, I’ve never left so many games at the start, no wonder this games turnover is so high, such a dumb short sighted decision


Why would you leave a game at the start? Is that how you keep your MVP ratio so high? You just give up if you think you will lose?

Sorry for grumbling, but I am finding the quitters a much bigger problem than 6v6. It’s really hard to win when it’s 5v6, although I occasionally succeed even then.


I do now, I don’t care anymore, there’s no enjoyment in the kind of games I mentioned above, I wouldn’t play the game if id wasn’t enjoyable, you can load into games and just know it’s pointless, why would i waste my time

I want 8v8 back as well. But I think it’s people that think like you that make people not want to play the game. Not 6v6.

Sorry, Not sorry. :crazy_face: :poop: :clown_face: :popcorn:

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Do you only enjoy the game when it’s an easy win?
I would think someone with your skills would enjoy the challenge of trying to mop the floor with a group of tryhards?
Honestly, I really do not understand you (or anyone who quits at the beginning of a match). If that’s how you play, why even bother?

You’ve got so much bravado on the forums, but you quit when you see that you’re up against a hard team to beat? Makes no sense.

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When I see a hard team on the other side I’m all like “Let’s see how many I can kill before I go down!!”

The resources earned in a game do not change much if you win or lose. But they do change a lot if you do personally well. It don’t mater what your team does.

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I value my unyielding badges way more than my MVPs. I like a hard fight.

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hard yes, but you can just tell a game will be unwinnable from the start on many occasions so why would I bother? I’m not grinding towards anything, just playing for fun so why bother, not wasting my own time

So your saying you only want to play a game if your going to win?

That’s just crazy.

can you guys not read or do you choose to just twist words, I’m not gonna waste my time on a game that will be impossible to win, you can lose a fair game still, its just balanced lol what’s wrong with you people

We are not twisting words.

You leave the matches you don’t think you can win and you stay in the ones that you think you have a chance. Did I miss anything?

This type of behavior is ruining the game just as much as 4 man groups in PvP.

I agree 6 man sucks, we need 8 man back.
But two wrongs do not make a right.

Join a match, take your lumps or deal out some lumps, and go to the next match.

When the difference in win or lose is a few scrap, you are better off just taking the lose then waiting in another que for a game.

I have learned to enjoy the wins with the loses. Some of the best game I have ever had ended in a lose, but damn… it was sure close :slight_smile:


6v6 is MUCH better than 8v8 with 5 bots. I understand some bums prefer feasting on ridiculously easy bots but Patrol is where u belong. Sorry real pvp is too hard for ya.


Hopefully crossplay resolves the issue and pvp will be 8 players vs 8 players…



doesn’t 6v6 have 3 bots per team?

No, most of the time (at lest in high PS) it is 6v6 real players and no bots. I also play at US prime time.

  • rolls eyes at thread *
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Lol, that should have been the first reply, then the Mods should have locked the thread after that :slight_smile:

I genuinely think we must play different games, or your platform/region must be full of trash day in day out, or you just don’t value your own time/enjoyment, it seriously baffles me

Ok boomer

i dunno why but i cringe so hard everytime i see you post this. is it supposed to be your uber karen war face or what are you going for with this? i mean, i can physically feel the cringe overcoming me just taking a glimpse at it.