Consoles will soon die if

Crossplay isnt added or if they dont go reduce game options. The addition of heli mode, in conjunction with confrontation, has separated the players way too thinly. Queue times are stupid long and will continue to get longer if quick adjustments arent made.

I noticed they made air battles 6v6, and that seems to be helping.
I have also noticed that queue times for high PS are a lot longer than 9kPS, which might also have something to do with confrontation mode. I know that most of my current builds are below 9kPS for that mode, and I suspect I’m not alone.
I have only been playing air battles, because I like the new maps. Not actually playing many flying vehicles though.

On Xbox it’s 5v5 and you can’t go into battle with more than 2 Helicopter players. We tried to play with 3 of us, myself on the ground and them both in Helis but it just wouldn’t find a game for 10 mins.

literally came out yesterday and we already cant get a match, talk about dead on arrival

That’s weird, I’ve been in matches where we had at least four flying vehicles on my team. Had a few 5v6 matches, but that was just people disconnecting before the match started.
Had some very long queue times in high PS, but mid PS has been loading quickly.

seems to be 5v5 on xbox. matched amount of helicopter players on each side, some games 1 on each, some 2, some 3, some 4, no 5’s. Always matched amount of helicopters and bots/ground players.

This mode has really divided the player base on xbox. Normal pvp went from 5-6v5-6 players to 3 players and 3 bots every game. had a few games that had 2 players and 4 bots on a team.

Also, the helicopters don’t fly like they did in the event, the handling isn’t nearly as good.

When you say 5v5, do you mean 5 players and one bot?
I meant total, including bots and players.

no I had 5v5. there wasn’t a 6th slot at all showing up. This evening it was 6v6 so it could have been a bug. idk.

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It has nothing to do with crossplay. It has everything to do with the devs horrible player pushing choices and their inability to get reliable players.