Constant sweeping balance changes destroy creativity

Every time the devs make some adjustment that breaks many builds and playstyles, they undo months if not years of progress that the collective community has made in terms of gameplay and it gets reset back to the easiest and most basic gameplay that everybody starts at which are close range wheeled dps builds. You cannot get any simpler than a wheeled shotgun build or a dog. Thats all people are left with playing if everything keeps getting reworked and/or nerfed.
The game is so retarded now, its like playing where the bigger ball of stats beats the smaller one after they bump into eachother.
Players need more time to develop deeper more creative aspects of the game and the devs reset that timer everytime they make some stupid sweeping balance change.
This is why Crossout will never be big, the devs cannot just have something stable and either leave it tf alone or make very small and gradual incremental improvements.
Dumb sweeping change list;

  • Every single ranged weapon getting nerfed to near uselessness because of hovers (They still havent been buffed back to what they should be, cause the whales got their acceleration fused Icarus IV’s now)
  • Powerscore reworks
  • Faction armor resistances
  • Grip nerfs on everything except wheels and hovers
  • Energy changes
  • Incinerator nerf
  • Removal of handbrake turning on wheels (Non ST keeps spinning while ST wheels brake)
  • Icarus VII nerf & mega Icarus IV buff
  • Omamori
  • Auger rework (they still have not been recovered to their performance from 4 years ago)
  • Cannons being converted to 33-50% blast damage with the rest being bullet damage. This is why they suck so bad now, they barely do enough blast anymore to match grenade launchers and autocannons, and they barely do enough bullet damage to match shotguns/mgs. And they are clumsy as hell to use.

Nobody wants to get into a game that forces them to rebuild an inferior version of their vehicle that they often paid for to fuse twice every year, especially when they know the dominant builds are all close range dps builds.




I wish they put a big disclaimer stating that before buying anything in the game so people know the risks of spending money on the game. Say you had to buy some in store pack then a big pop up would come up stating that items in this purchase is at risk of being nerfed at any time.


really? i was wondering why my mammoth shots were feeling like they were made of Styrofoam…

this needs to be balanced better.

i literally just ran these and oh my god they are BAD lol… i was shocked at how bad they were. even landing direct hits isnt that good. yeah it heats parts a bit more then just landing the thing beside the enemy but its… just not usable in its current state. hell the jotun is more usable then the incinerator now.


It would be interesting and beneficial to see a chart on each weapon & component that has been affected by changes + or - throughout the entire history of this game. This roller coaster ride is getting tiresome to say the least.