Controls arent working

so i switched my controls back to the ones im used to in building mode, just got in and they dont work. i checked my settings and yep they dont work. im using my layout but its forcing me to use their new layout. basically its on my layout that i customized back to the way it was before but its using the newer layout instead of my old one. FIX PLEASE!!

More Infos, ScreenShots etc lol I Still Have No Idea About Your Problem :laughing: SomeThing with Controls… PC/Android/Mac/Consoles ? :man_shrugging:

my t-shirt is red, but they changed its color, its no more red, but i painted it red again, but they force me to use their color! how can i use red t-shirt. FIX PLEASE.

you want me to screenshot controls and how its working??
this is on ps4.
more info… i go into settings and change my building controls to the buttons they were BEFORE the change, i click apply and then ok. instead of triangle and square to rotate a piece its changed it to R2 and L2 despite me changing it in the settings. its like this with all my buttons, its been changed to the newer control scheme.


Could you also show screenshot of settings? sounds like BUG in key-bindings for PS version.

how can i show it since i dont have a capture card or a cell phone to take a picture?
i cant provide screenshots or anything. sorry.

Sure man, thought you have possibility.

Currently i dont have access to PS Crossout. But i hope someone else can confirm that.

See :tipping_hand_man:It’s PS4… Who Could Know This :laughing: People on PC Are Irritated Directly.

this is not a joking matter changing the controler scheme was bullshit

You can just change it back.

Below is for console - I don’t have the PC ones