* Corrections of errors in the “Rise of the machines” brawl 📢

Corrections of errors in the “Rise of the machines” brawl


With the release of the “Rise of the machines” update, several critical bugs have been discovered in the festive brawl of the same name. The bugs caused the mode to not work as originally intended, and as a result, many of the results within the mode were incorrect and inflated. This led to unfair distribution of places in the leaderboard.

This Thursday we plan to release a small update, which will fix all known bugs in the brawl, as well as several others. During the update, we will need to reset the current rating in the brawl. We do this to ensure that the high rating that has already been achieved in some cases due to bugs in the mode doesn’t cause the best rewards to become unobtainable. Please note that only the rating in the leaderboard will be reset. Accumulated crackers and resources for participating in the brawl will not be affected.

This way, all players can start their path to the most valuable rewards from the beginning and under equal conditions.

To make up for the event’s not so successful start, we are giving away 3 days of premium subscriptions to everyone. To receive it, you need to log into the game before December 24, 23:59 GMT, and pick up the gift in the upper right corner of the garage.

We would like to thank you all for your understanding, and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in the “Rise of the machines” brawl this Thursday!

I think its good mode, but only I don´t like like player is Christmas appearance. I think Christmas motive should stay in rewards or menu board. I don´t like that enemies looks like Christmas boxes its not serious for this game.

No mention of the horrid lag and de-syncing this mode has, this mode be semi fun if not for that

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Nothing to spend these on anyway.

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'why are the bots Respawning in this event ?
i just seen 2 respawn in front of me…is this normal? :thinking:

yes i guess you were close to their spawn area? pretty sure they can’t spawn anywhere on the map. they can get 2 diffrent point to respawn in some case which is the worst imo ( if not using exploit )

its as if they kept spawning more after they already spawned for that that 1 wave…
just wondering if anyone seen that lately…

i did :thinking:
gotto keep an eye on this game :eye: