Could someone please help us get the TAG back?

Source: Trust me bro

you dont even play on pc lol who are you

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This is cheating under TOS.

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I use my PC for real games, cry more lol

Yes, a perfect excuse

Fella had it coming. And I’m pretty sure if the Gaijin Support can’t do anything about it it’s hopeless.

break? we all know that was not what you were doing. You were fluffing the system in a new unranked clan.

You should just quit posting, the more you post the more I am convinced you deserved to lose the tag.


The way you throw accusations is amazing.
We genuinely split up and took a break, in different clans, with chill people.


My grandfather told me a long time ago,

“Get your finger out of that, it’s bullshit”.

Your story does not smell right the more you post.

Or did you not notice I was originally sympathetic to your cause?

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are you real

i think xo guy here that doesnt even play crossout thinks cheating as in using aimbot or something

Xo-guy does play on the box, I play a lot in the same bracket. Better player than me imo. I have not played against in CW though to be clear.

It would be stupid to risk getting banned for using an outside aimbot in XO. (not saying people don’t though)
All versions (including PC) of the game have Aim Assist.
PC also has mouse turning for an even less competitive setting and ease of access.
(my personal view is all this crap should be disabled in CW)

To me, “cheating” would be doing things defined in the TOS as cheating such as buying gold from a 3rd party.

Creative use of game mechanics, may be an unfair advantage, but it is not cheating. Innovative builds depend on creative use of game mechanics. This is something devs should address through patches, not bans.

They can. But why would they? locked accounts are the result of not following the TOS (generally cheating and behavior.)
They don’t just randomly ban accounts for non violations, that is a crappy business model and they need player retention.

he posts clips daily on reddit, you can go check him out! he seems decent enough but also completely full of himself. but i bet you can sing along to that tune.

its funny though to see the differences between xbox and pc. it does look different imo. would be interested in what you have to say, maybe share some footage too.

not quite sure what youre insinuating here so ill just clarify: pc controlled with mnk has 0 aim assist. its in the settings but cant be activated when the input is mnk. unless you somehow hack it but i dont think that makes much sense. just cheat at this point, easier and better.

just because theres an aim assist option in the settings doesnt mean the console aim assist with controller is identical to the pc aim assist with a controller.

games tend to have different amounts of aim assist between pc and consoles because higher frame rates can heavily increase the efficiency of an aim assist algorithm.

by the way, thats also why most of the 1337 mlg console “content creators”/pro gam3rs play console games on the pc with 240 fps and a 240 hz monitor. against jimmmy johnny on his xbone with locked 30 fps.

“mouse turning” is actually rather “having your view and aiming turning on the same controls”. it applies to consoles just as it does to pc.

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Consoles are pretty much 120fps now anyway by default, this isn’t the mid 2000s anymore

Im on a launch PS4. 4mbps upload speed and 30 fps.

I just keep imagining what the game will be like when my vehicle actually responds to my inputs in-game like it does in my garage. Leading targets with hitscan weapons and lagging behind when turning and waiting for my guns to be able to see the enemy is a plague.

Long story short, im playing with a governor on. Soon as thats off? GREATEST OF ALL TIME?!? Probably not, but i cant rule it out :joy:

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As someone who plays from EU to NA all the time I second this, it’s like a whole different game in your garage… not sure what kind of duct tape they hold their servers up with but man it’s bad

I play on both. It is the SAME aim assist.

The aim assist is worse than the mouse turning/aim, because the mouse turning does not automatically draw you to the cabin. (in effect, because paddle aim assist draws to the cabin, while PC does not, paddle assist isn’t as ez as mouse as you don’t constantly have your guns pulled off from stripping).

I hate it all. They should remove it on all platforms.

Yeah aim assist sucks. The “anyone can turn it on” argument is so backwards too… If it was off for everyone always then this argument becomes invalid.

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