Could someone please help us get the TAG back?


I see no reason why they can’t just dissolve the clan and have the tag up for grabs, letting you know so you can create a new clan with the tag… just sounds lazy that they won’t help especially if they can see the account is banned for life and is the only member of the clan.


If it was clan leader when he was banned it’s gone forever if there wasn’t a member to transfer it to. It’s locked to the account and they will not unlock it for any reason. Asking for something back you voluntarily gave up probably will never happen.

I would also point out, it probably wasn’t good to say “I left the clan”… that means you gave up ownership to someone else.

If they were still in the clan when the account was banned, the clan leader would have been auto transferred to another member. That is what happened when my clan leader got banned.

Now, just because I state this, does not mean I think it is right. It’s just the reality of how they do things.

I feel for you OP.

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I just see no reason why the clans can’t just be dissolved and the tag be put back into the pool, it doesn’t need to be transferred to anyone… but if it was back was just back in the pool of available tags then I see no problem

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The clan has 2 members in it.
One inactive account, and one banned.
The banned account has the crown.

This is not normal, and it’s the case with many inactive / banned accounts, holding TAGS for eternity basically.

There should be a script in the game, that if an account has been inactive for more than a year or so, it would be auto kicked from it’s current clan, no matter the held rank

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Just pick another tag…

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Its not just here, but its same in every game, even big MMOs.

We also had best PL 300+ people guild in some MMO, and support were not much cooperative.

I remember there were even situation where other guilds were scamming people using very similar(you know, I vs 1 vs |) name to our guild. Ofc support did nothing with it too.

Tho if you place yourself in their position, they do not know if permanently banned account (that might be un-banned later somehow) would want this. Thats probably why they afraid and lazy to take any step.

IMO leadership system is bad here, not to mention that people can accidently also leave clan by missclick since there are no even confirmation pop-ups…

I suppose there is always an appeal process which needs to be taken into account… now I think about that it kind of makes sense. I suppose if no appeal is made within a year it should be up for grabs, write that into TOS somewhere, easy peasy

its on pc only tags available still are random letters or numbers no actual good tags are still available on xbox im sure there is still a lot cause theres about 9 players but not for pc
and P4CT was old top clan

can you get that person to log on and see if it transfers?

You know what that whole back and forth reminded me of? … The Autoresponse bots they use as “customer Assistance” on a store or any website/online. Those automated bot “helpers” are as useful as the reply you got :rofl:
At least explain the reasoning as to why nothing and be done instead of saying “Nothing can be done go away”
PatentsPending has good points on this subject

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I wonder why these clan leaders are getting perma banned, seems odd to want a tag that’s meant to be prestigious when leaders or players involved are perma banned for what I can only assume is cheating in the first place

buying coins through third party site like g2g

We can only speculate

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Source: Trust me bro

why would i lie about that lmfao

Because buying coins sounds better than my clan leader was a cheater lmfao

he wasnt a clan leader and i wasnt in P4CT when he played so :man_shrugging:

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I was the clan leader.
After we got rank 1, we went to relax in lower clans and unwind.
We left the clan to him, somehow, and he got banned, for talking trash and speaking back to GMs. Basically had too big of a mouth, but he was a good person at core.

We need our clan tag back.