Could you increase the build limit to 90 pieces?

Is it possible they can increase the build limit to 90 pieces? This idea is focused mainly on decorations, since almost no one adds decorations to vehicles, because you have to sacrifice armor to be able to place decorations, and taking into account that these hardly have durability, the result is that few people add decorations to your vehicles, then… would it be a bad idea to increase the parts limit from 80 to 90?

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Or make a 10 part limit increase locked behind decor, so 90 parts, but 10 HAVE to be decor, they can’t be armor


The amount of balloon covered atrocities would be insane. The game would look like a clown show.

And what’s wrong with that? Some of my builds resent your insinuation! :angry:




They don’t use balloons, but they’ll be looking for you in bedlam. :smiling_imp:


The aesthetics utilized out there right now aren’t very impressive, generally. I’m not sure it would change that much.

I think they should drastically reduce the power-scores decor boasts, since they don’t really bring much to the table beyond amusement.

I don’t have an issue with the 80 part limitation. I would like more, but whatever. Desires like that tend to have no end, so I try not to worry about things like that in general.

The only problem that stands out to me as a player, concerning opening up the part limit, would be the tiny-ass maps. People already build ridiculously large monsters that barely fit on the maps, seemingly just because they can, and that would logically become an even greater issue.

There is also the issue of their technology struggling to support and transport more data efficiently, which I think is the underlining factor in part limitation.

I’m doing fine building under the current parameters. All I’d really like them to do is more map. I am very very bored with these maps. I can try to add more color to the game through building new stuff, but whatever I build, it will end up on same the maps, over and over. I would really like them to focus more on the game environment than the arms race they overindulge in, and constantly jerk the game balance this way and that as a result. It’s like a sifter that purges new players from the population by constantly destroying their game progress.

Ditto on that. There’s so much more they could do with maps; pitch-black underground labyrinths, impenetrable jungle maps with carved out roadways, bayou swamps where you can get submerged out of existence. Maybe even a giant factory that takes up the entire map (similiar to that Wadarkvern map, just greatly expanded and with multiple levels) .

And while they’re at it, how about restoring the maps they took out of the bedlam rotation…


and this game is the circus! come join us! :crazy_face: