Couleurs cibles

Il faudrait intégré des modifications de couleurs de cibles de tir quand il y a des armes différentes sur le véhicule de combat

Not sure what you’re saying, but I translated using Bing for the forum…

When there are several different weapons on a vehicle there should be a choice of colors for the sight.
Example a red cross for a cannon and a blue cross for a shotgun

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Ah… I understand. And, I agree wholeheartedly.

if you mean enemy weapons

depend where it might be. Near nickname list of weapons icons would be fine IMO, but over vehicle it would just block view really.

so i agree or disagree depend on solution.

if you mean your weapons aim, dont matter imo. Not many people anyway use different weapons mixed, and idk what aim color difference might change much.

This would fix one of the reasons I don’t use different weapons. You could use different sniper/long range weapons of it was easier to tell which reticle was for which weapon.

Greetings, Not to demean anyone here, I believe the poster wants different colours from each gun. Machine guns red, Shotguns blue, Cannons white. You get the drift.

When going for patches and you don’t have 3 of the same weapon, it would be nice to know what is actually hitting the target. I doubt that we will have that.

I could be wrong, but my 2 cents…

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I agree with you…

Imagine having one color for your cannon and another color for your energy weapon so you could aim the cannon with its projectile drop, then adjust to aim the energy weapon with zero drop.

Excellent idea.

Even better if you could sign the colors by choice.