Coupling modules?

i cant remember if i posted a topic like this before but you guys have seen those coupling modules in raids yeah?
what i mean is some enemy cars have a “trailer” on them that carry either repair drones or just have stationary weapons on them. once they are placed they are activated and can attack anything in range or the drones can repair anyone in range on their team.
well i think this would be an interesting concept for making a small trailer for yourself. though people might get a bad idea from this so it got me thinking

  • trailer coupling module can be for medium and light cabins only, doesnt work on heavy cabins (unsure about this one though)
  • you get a special place to build your trailer
  • your trailer is limited to how many weapons / items it can have on it
  • your trailer must have a cabin but it will have a set number of power on it depending on the cabin you use.
  • your trailer operates all on its own, you cant control who or what it targets.
  • im thinking no generators can be attached.
  • modules can be attached like coolers. (unsure about aegis)
  • in order to attach to your car you must have the coupling module attached to bring it into raids / pve / elsewhere.
  • you can pick up ammo for your trailer and itll be stored in a special symbol, it will be added to your trailer when you drive near it / reattach to it.

idk it was just a small thought i had, i seen the other enemies using them so i thought id pitch the idea here. plus i think it would be cool to have drones to be able to repair your team mates to. it can offer support to your team mates by dropping barriers or drop a drone that can repair you or your team mates.
i mean… was anyone else interested in that?

(in comes the “itll break the game” posts)

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