Coupons and casings

should i just sell them?
i dont really have a use for them and i have no idea what they are gonna do with them. i have enough to earn 2k coins off both the 12k coupons and 12k casings i have. but im conflicted cause its either keep them and find out what they will do with them, risking it big time and losing out on alot of cash if they decide to remove them, or, sell them and risk losing out on something new they do with the coupons and casings and having to earn them all over again should they put them back in.
i really dont know what to do here. any suggestions you guys may have?
if they do do something with them then id have a bit of an advantage because i have so many. on the down side though if they dont and are going to remove them then i would be wasting a big stack of cash.
ahhhhh im so conflicted here! what would you guys do? sell them or keep them?

once, recently this last year, they let us use both those items to trade for event rewards. So, I’d hold on to them, but that’s me.

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The fusion things had an event you could sell them too, they still have the option to trade but if you try to trade them it says you can’t :rofl: :clown_face:


Agreed… that’s what I’m doing.

i was aware of this but i held onto them. im just unsure of what to do with them.

really? i see tons of people buying them in the market place. did they make them not sellable anymore??

true. though im hoping they dont get rid of them completely. maybe use them for things like special weapons, events, etc. letting us get them by various means throughout the year and using them at events they put in the game.
maybe even letting us use them to make our weapons a bit cheaper to make. rares cost alot to make as is.

mmmm… i guess ill hold onto them. sure the 2k coins is nice but i dont want to miss out on anything should they use them for something.

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that’s mee!