You should be able to farm Crackers without fighting Armored Aircraft! Nuff said!
I wanted the Globe Duck and the Flare. Because I cannot farm crackers in peace, I will not get a Globe Duck. Screw aircraft! I play wheels and getting shot from above while fighting Bots is stupid! Stick your Duck in a dark spot and hold it there!

you CAN…
you had the raid event that gives crackers as well. i got over 14k crackers just from that lol. wish i could give you mine cause their practically useless to me. i think theres still time though not much time left.

go bring a build into the raid a few times, get up to wave 10 - 15 and farm crackers there. its a bit time consuming but its better then fighting aircraft.

No, it is not. That Raid takes up at least 8 minutes of my life I will never get back each for puny Rewards. I can barely stomach doing 2 a day.

You think I would get the good Armored Aircraft Allies every other battle. But no, battle after battle I got the worst pilots ever. They can stick their Duck. No Duck is worth ten PVP Missions against Aircraft.

then dont complain. you got 2 options, raids or pvp, pick one and just go with it.

and puny rewards huh? i get about 100 wires at wave 12 and it goes pretty fast for me. i aint complaining at all about 100 wires because i dont do pvp. i saved up 18k wires and over 3k electronics just from the event.

this is crossout, you get a mix of everything dude. its why i dont play pvp, its either meta builds, crappy team mates or just toxic people. alot of pvp is just forced loss matches. its why i play pve.
… that and alot of weapons i used before got hard nerfed so i just dont care anymore.

reading this post wasted 4 minutes of my life that ill never get back but here i am.
playing crossout wastes hours of my life ill never get back but here i am.
trying to make sense as to why your complaining about 2 choices also wastes minutes of my life but here i am.

seriously dude, you had choices, you went with pvp and sucky team mates.

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