Crafting cost

I know it is the way it alway was - but - a viable set can consist for example of 2 canons or 4 machine guns.
The catch - canon and machine gun cost same to build. So going for 2 legendary canons is vaible, but one would have to build 3 or 4 legendary “light weapons” at obviously double cost. So “tank” builds with tracks, heavy armor and canon are the quickest way to high PS at reasonable DPS.
Did nobody ever care that any low-energy weapon build is a grind hell ticket?

  1. Yes.

  2. Why are you grinding at low PS if you’re aiming to be getting some legendaries? Rewards are virtually the same and the lower in PS you go the less of what you already have you can use.

Yeah that part of the system is a bit odd. I’m sure it’s a thought that has occurred to every player.

Imagine if we get legendary pyres. Or legendary lances… Those would be grindy builds to make.

Probably not but do you have an alternative? If not not it will probably remain the same. It wouldn’t be hard to avg out costs across rarities though.

It would make sense to scale cost by energy same as powerscore - so if I have to build 4 Imps instead of 2 Mammuth they should cost half as much?

That might be ignoring stuff like damage and soak related though, I normally think you should pay for what you can put out and take. If they are equivalent then I don’t see why they shouldn’t cost similar.

I am aware that this game has no balance to speak of - but some osrt of cost balancing by power of a weapon would be nice.
I am not going for Imps because no way I am grinding for 4 legendaries. So some branches of tec-tree are just painfully expensive at similar or same efficiency.

It has some you have to factor in the cost of ammo boxes with the cannons. That cost is almost the same of another weapon. It really depends on how you want to work it out.

But then heating weapons still need 1-2 radiators or coolers which cost juat as much, but i still haven’t saw any ammo box which costs 6000 coins as of yet

Also, what about the weapons that require both AMMO and radiators?

I am not aware of legendary coolers/ammo boxes. The cost of 1 more or less epic is 1/5 of a single Legendary, so if I have to build 11 (2 legendary canons+ammo box) or 21 (4 imps + cooler) is not really module dependent.
Also Ammo Boxes dont need energy (flywheel can be compared, but you wouldnt stack multiple) so one can discuss the need for Apollo.
So generally Canons are easier on the builds.

And yes - my beloved thresher build is pain in the A. because I have to carry cooler AND ammo box. Though you generally wouldnt use ammo box in PvP on small builds.

How is it odd? Before the special rarity was added to the game, it has 5 rares for an epic, 5 epics for a legendary. When the special rarity was added epics cost 3 specials aka 6 rares. That is always how that has worked, more goes into less and that means that builds that require more of X rarity parts cost most to make.

How would that make sense? Rarity is used for PS (Energy x Rarity) and crafting cost (There’s a set amount of resources and items needed to craft X rarity item.).

Unless you’re refusing to use the market to speed up your progress, you’ll already have the ammo crates because you needed them for an ammo using building and you’ll have the radiators/coolers because you had builds that you would have used them for them.

Who in their right mind would not already have the modules they need for the legendaries they’re making/buying before they get to that point?

Because at same cost as 2 legendary canons (say Mammoth) I cant have a build of legendary light wepons - It would take 3-4 of them.

Yes, that’s how standardized crafting systems work. In the case of XO rarity determines crafting cost. Triple legendary weapon builds cost ~1.5x times what a dual legendary build’s weapons cost.

It’s not a broken system, it’s how the system works just like PS. PS is Rarity * Energy. That’s why porcs are at 1800 PS a piece, 600 * 3 = 1800. A retcher at 2400 is 400 * 6 = 2400.

I do understand hwo it works, but not how it is supposed to allow divercified and fun builds. Its like if all cars IRL cost same - nobody would drive [whatever is the cheap car brand in your country]!

Have you also factor in “players want”? If anyone been in the game for a while, they should have learn to know crafting is depending how popular the item(weapon) at that time. ie, some item would be dead cheap from time to time. eg, I have bought about 8 lances for about 120 coins each(long long time ago). Same with the legs. I have bought number of them when they were at low, low price. I have fused 6 and keep the rest for crafting.
I am no cannon player, but I still use cannon build for mission. We players choose the weapon type we want to play, sure, some are higher cost of lower in power. Would that make the difference for us not to prefer them?

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Crafting being standardized is not based around that. That some builds cost more to get fully operational doesn’t make them any less equal and even then you’re assuming that you’re crafting all of it when that is not always the case.