Crafting costs

I find one of the best ways to manage coin properly is to decide whether a part is best to buy or best to craft.

I recently did the math on all the part tiers. I was thinking about getting another relic so I figured out how much each tiers craft cost was. It fluctuates, but it was very similar this time as to when I did it last a while back.

These are all ps4 market prices craft cost. Anything above these costs on the market is best crafted.

And if your crafting to sell I use these numbers + the tax deduction removed from the profits, to determine what parts in what tiers are worth crafting most. So I get the most bang for my resource buck.

Just thought I’d share. I hate math. And I figure some people could use a new reference point for costs.

If your on a different platform share your tier crafting costs.

i crafted 3 legendaries (my arbiters) and it cost me nearly 100k scrap. the thing is, i usually just craft things i like, if it doesnt work for me i sell them. but the issue is the cost itself, scrap is the most common resource in the game and has a cap of 6.7k per week. itll take you a long time to make a legendary part let alone others. i always find myself running out cause of the absurdly high crafting costs of rares.
i can imagine the calculations of other resources just to make a legendary though…

I stopped crafting a long time ago. It is way to much trouble for very little profit (if any). Better to sell resources and just buy what you want.

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It can be a lot of trouble, especially with the price wars involved in buying the various needed items (as crafting everything is usually what’s not worth it), but making the right items is still quite a bit more profitable than just selling resources.

It’s about 20k scrap used per legendary crafted. I definiyely never sell scrap. I’m always buying it. A good way to get around the scrap issue is just buying the parts you need to craft if they are lower than the prices per tier I listed on ps4 market. That way you don’t loose money, and if the part sells for cheap enough you end up Increasing profit margins.

Right now I’m kind of being lazy. I bought most of the teal parts for the legendary I’m crafting, because I don’t feel like waiting to switch factions. It bought half of them over the profit margin prices too, but it only probably took off 100c profit.

Depends on the items yes. Like photon can make me 400ish more profit vs just selling the resources. When photon has a good selling price day that is. But legendaries just don’t have as much profit as crafting purples. Often one purple crafted and sold yields the same profit as a legendary crafted and sold, in terms of the profit made crafting and selling vs just selling resources.

i said in old forum we shouldn’t have to wait to craft in diff factions…
i know they had an event with no waiting time…they should of kept it… :smiley:

That event spoiled me.

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