* Crafting Factions..why keep leveling them up after maxed out...🤔

can we at least get quarterly lead containers for a total of 4 ?
or cut the Rep in half…
or resources or something,
anyone have an idea what they can add for this?


Maybe the devs think it’ll keep people playing as they’re supposedly still accomplishing something?
Instead of capping each fraction say at level 100 with normal leveling progress instead of these handyman boxes we get

Most factions have bonus structure parts from packs for the prestige levels. I would assume/hope the devs might add more later.
I still haven’t got all the bonus structure parts, but I’m getting close.
I love getting new fenders!

I never realized you where that high of a level.

Do you play high PS, at that level you must have insane amounts of gear.

They have in game “recognition of milestone” pop ups when you get them fully leveled. You are less than half way except for Scavengers.

I think the Quarter-Century marks on Engineers should give a purple crate. Instead of the stabilizer crate.
Same with quarter century marks on the other factions.

it would be all unlockable structural parts from the original releases.


Yeah I know that :slight_smile:

I have all the armor unlocked.

I mean real gear, like weapons and such.

I’m going to guess at least 2 chords :rofl:

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You underestimate how buttfucked the grind is. I’m not that far from him (prestige 150), and I did earn ura and played on the market a tiny bit.

My inventory value is around 50k lmao. Legit all my fused legendaries come from BPs.

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I believe you, but this is crazy to me.

It shows how messed up PC is over Xbox.

I have been wanting to share my inventory screenshots with the forums but have not done so due to the idiots that would just attack me saying I bought it all.

Which is not true.

I’m not even sure what my inventory would be worth, I know it’s in the millions of coins. (Which could be even half that on PC but still)

And I know a ton of people with such inventories.

Not sure my exact level (not on the game), but I fall between you and MudnBeer.

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Didn’t count the fused stuff, so I can’t really tell you. I fused very little except a bunch of epic movement parts, during events. My inventory value if I count what I fused myself (not BP crap) is maybe 10k higher?

No 5k profit selling a cucaracha/day for us U_U

I must say tho, no fuel since years, no raids since years, and I’m sitting on 10k coins (^% but yeah, this game’s going nowhere fast on PC if you don’t dump 150€/BP like most clanners I know :eyes:

Yeah, I’m counting everything, since most of my inventory is completely fused so I can’t just look at the number in my storage.

I do have all the BP stuff like most people but… for example I have 28 Non-BP Legendary weapons fused and 7 Relics.

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Haha I have a Kaiju and an Avalanche (^: pewpew

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Maybe I think everyone has gear since everyone I know in game has gear.

But I’ll admit, most of them are top 20 clan wars try hards.

I would have to guess that many people I know only have about 1/2 of what I got. (Some have more) and most of those guys probably payed for half of what they got with cash.

For me it has been years of CWs and the market. I don’t do CWs any more. But Even when I tell CW try hards on Xbox that I make 10k coins a week they are shocked.

But this is my reality, and I have taught other people how to do it as well. I have one buddy of mine (he does not play any more) that I taught him how to do the market and he had twice as much as I did. This was the kind of dude that when Levi wars first came out he made a build with all Scorpions just because he could :slight_smile: lol


I like that they refresh the rep daily bonus when you level. Sometimes I stack them and keep them available for later like exp bonus days or when I just have extra time to play.

I think at higher pres levels it would be appropriate to give better rewards or something similar to quarterlies even though it’s pretty much a participation award for the grind. lol


PC is bad though. you get like 5 coins per 100 scrap. (we get 14-18 per 100 on the box).

I have played since launch, i am past level 200 engineers. (working toward paragon or w/e its called 25 on all factions)

Sitting at 650+ parts in inventory plus nearly all cabins, movement parts, modules fused. On XBox.

It is much harder to actually use the market like a market on pc.


Grinding on PC is insanely slow. It’s THE reason people stop playing shortly after starting. They see rigs from people who have been playing for years and what they’re able to build… And what they realize they’ll be able to build for the next YEAR suck.

Even now, I just acquired a Spark from grinding. Took about two months. I’m 5 years in… So, to get a fused set of 3 would take a year AND waiting for the deal to fuse then work only 1 extra.


I think the banned that person’s two accounts.

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Yeah, I don’t feel bad about that.

The OG vets didn’t even have most of the stuff in game they have now when we started. And it was even harder to get things like legendaries and Relics the first few years.

I put in 6+ years to get what I have.

Well, it does explain why new players join & leave. I mean, that sucked when I started, too. The differential between what a new player has and a veteran is greater than ever.

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People come and leave because they don’t want to work for anything. They want games like Fortnite.

They are to lazy to play the game, that is why people spend tons of money.

I could start a fresh account today on Xbox and without spending a dime I could have a Relic build within 3-4 months easy.

So no, I don’t feel bad.

I have even thought people how to do it, and the ones that listened are rich and the rest just bitched about how it is impossible.

I feel sorry for PC guys.

I’m on PC.
To grind for a relic would probably take a year for me. No thanks.