Crafting navigation

Previously when you were trying to craft an item you could go from the item to the required parts and from there to the required subparts for each one. then you couls just hit and go back to the part screen, and by hitting again you went back to factions. For example:
Factions → Nomads → Nomad Kiosk (special parts) → Sinus-O → right click on Vector → craft and see required parts for Vector. then would send you back to Sinus-O. but nowadays since last update (big chase), hitting will bring you all the way back to Nomads faction page. So if you need to craft 2 common parts for a blue part in order to craft a special part, you will need to navigate from the faction screen to the common part craft screen twice, all the journey (faction, special part, right click on blue, craft, right click on white, craft)
This was improved several versions ago where you were able to go back and forward by using or the arrows in the UI
Does anyone else see this as a totally inconvenience? I keep crafting every single day so this is more than uncomfortable to deal with. Mostly when it was working like a charm before the BigChase update

I’ve noticed similar going through to crafting via the market items too. Same type of back and forth behavior now drops you back at the market instead of the last crafting recipe. I liked the old behavior better too.

The tech tree has it’s own crafting menu too that I think is sometimes more usable though you don’t have to jump between faction workbenches with it. You might try that in the meantime but hopefully they’ll fix the other method too…

I mentioned it on reddit and the issue is being passed on to Devs. So something may be done to remedy this in time. For now we suffer. Lol.