Crafting rare cost, It went from 3 to 6

I don’t remember it being 3

It was until this update. I actually crafted a fair bit, so I would remember it.

Same thing about losing the “track” button a few updates ago. Still irritated about that.

Are they actively trying to push players away from crafting?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

Just surprised I didn’t remember it.

Probably not but I wouldn’t be surprised if the poor crafting experience for new players isn’t a large part of their new player retention problem.

I think they want more control and direction over crafting, through issuing bench coupons at their discretion, and pushing event benches and store sales.

Since rares are foundational to most any crafting process, this raises the overall cost up for all the rarities above it by quite a lot. Crafting, being only remotely profitable as it was, is now very impractical. I don’t know why I’d bother.

I suppose the market will correct itself soon, and the price of everything will go up until it does.

Are we really freaking out about 3 coins?

You have no idea what such a seemingly small thing can set off.

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Nope. I realize most people may not craft much (it’s sort of a burn), but if you did a lot of crafting, you’d probably realize that it’s a lot more than 3C.

I do a lot of crafting but I lose way more than that in the market.

Well then, I suppose you’ll soon see for yourself why this is an issue bigger than just 3C.

It’s probably a bigger issue for new players, and an even bigger issue for F2Players, but it will increase the crafting cost of the higher rarity items, that require rare items to craft them, by quite a lot, and will effect anybody trying to craft nearly anything but common items.