Crafting stabilizers with coupons

If we were able to craft stabilizers with the workbench coupons we have sitting around, that would be cool
Might get to put them to some kind of a use then

Both are equal amounts of worthless but still have their uses, so why not make the sort of interchangeable, if you have no need for coupons but need stabilizers, which I suspect a lot of the more experienced players do, why not make it possible to craft stabilizers with them. Would be cool to make use of my 22 blue coupons to craft some stabilizers and finally get the second epic stabilizer I have been working towards for 2 months now with the worst drop luck in prestige chests

Or the ability to craft down stabilizers, like 1 legendary β†’ 1 epic, 1 epic β†’ 1 light blue, 1 light blue β†’ blue
Would be neat when you get two legendary stabilizers in a row but need an epic one, at least you can sell the currently

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I wish they made them tradable permanently instead of just for that event, I don’t use them all I do is upgrade them to relics and then they sit there taking up space doing nothing