Crafting without changing factions

I just realized that I can craft an item from a faction without changing to that faction. Not sure if this works with all the factions or just the three basic ones.
When did this change? Is this a feature or a bug?
I’m still able to allot experience towards one faction, while crafting with a different one.

So long ago I can’t remember.

Over a year I think.

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What do the 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 labels mean on the various factions?
I try to read the notes for every update, but I guess I missed this one.
I remember when it changed so we didn’t have to wait between changing factions, was this the same update?

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All of mine say 1/1. :man_shrugging: No idea.

I do have coupons for crafting. Maybe that effects it. I have no idea.

Bueller? Bueller?

they probably made crafting on the fly,but you need to get reps for ur faction to get parts,
thank me later for the idea of keeping factions a no waiting thing anymore :kissing_heart:


Engineers has 2 Workbenches, Rare and Relic, 1/2. Lunatics have 4 Workbenches, Rare, Special, Epic and Legendary. When you arrow to the right it changes to 2/4 then 3/4 then 4/4. Advanced Factions no longer produce Rare Items thus they are 1/3.


during last years push towards crossplay, was the last thing rolled out before all went silent on crossplay.


additionally, you can have an item baking in each and every crafting bay at one time.

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I had thought it was coupons for crafting myself such as:
I have special, epic, and legendary for steppenwolf and it say’s 1/3
I have special, epic, for dawns and it says 1/2

Most of mine say 1/2 because the special and epic are generic crafting coupons.


That must be it, then… I only have epics across the board. I’m not sure how I managed that. :rofl:


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Is that what the fractions refer to? Or is it to do with coupons?

It’s the coupons, but he’s saying you can craft in multiple faction workbenches of the same rarity at the same time now.

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Why do they display as 1/x? Or do I just happen to have only one coupon for each faction?

It can be a number of different numbers depending on if you have faction specific coupons as I said above:

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