Crash With No Error During Initial Load

The bug report page ( is broken, the Create button is permanently disabled, so I am posting here out of desperation

After launching the game through Steam or the stand-alone launcher, it crashes with no error. This usually happens after attempting to log in and sometimes before the login menu loads.

Attempted Solutions:

Repair the  installation through Steam

Repair the installation through the stand-alone launcher

Uninstall, delete all remaining files manually, reinstall

Set launcher.exe, gjagent.exe, Crossout-D3D12.exe, and Crossout.exe to run         as an administrator.

Have you?
Checked windows for corrupt files
Updated your video drivers

If Windows were corrupt, then I would be having many other problems, so that’s not it.

My graphics card drivers are up to date.

Depends on what’s been corrupted. If it’s something only games are using you wouldn’t necessarily notice it elsewhere on the system. Sometimes the Microsoft C++ redistributables can be causing issues too. I’ve noticed this on other games. They are good ones to reinstall when there’s odd start up issues with games.

Checking the system event logs might show some light on the issue too if it’s logging anything about the crash.