Crashing constantly

Seriously, why is there no way to contact any proper support about this? I am having HARD CRASHES every once a while either viewing the challenge tab to view event challenges, or after the match is done and about to get me into score menu, I CONSTANTLY GETTING CRASHES DURING THESE PARTS. Hell, even by just viewing around my car in the garage also warrant crash as well.

And what exactly did those reports send even actually do? I am losing my patience, and there’s NO ONE anywhere can give me any workable solutions?

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I’m not dismissing the issue, but you’re the 1st person I’ve heard of an issue like this in a long time. That makes it sound like it’s an issue with your system, not the game.

Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling?


Maybe contact support instead of steaming into the void known as the forum.


Not sure what system he is on but crossout on playstation shutdown this morn. Was same story for people at various parts of the globe

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You know its not a problem with your PC or what ever you use. Its not a problem with their servers like so many idiots trying to sound smart will cry about. Its that we have too many players logging into the game for the amount of bandwidth that they have available. They are simply too cheap. TOO CHEAP, to purchase more bandwidth from their own providers. Its like 5 o’clock rush hour on the freeway. Too many cars not enough freeway. So they simply, politely tell us they are working on it when in reality they are doing nothing. They are just waiting for the rush to clear out.


Do you have the link? Please and thanks.

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I crash constantly as well, and sometimes it is really hard to get back in. Very annoying.

I just got booted for connection issues, but a hard crash sounds more like a GPU failure to me than an issue with the game.

Exactly… this didn’t sound like the very publicized server issues they’re having. Thus, my response suggesting a clean install. System reboot might help, too… :man_shrugging:

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i can’t connect to game servers and having same problems for days since new battle pass come out

Read my previous post.