Crazy stuff you could do

You play crossout with a steering wheel and pedals?

I mean, why not. Left hand on wheel, right hand on mouse. Could be cool.

How about eye tracker aiming lol, then paddles for equipment and to lock aim

I actually think dual joysticks would be cool for omniwheel creations or a wheel and joystick would be cool for wheels.

Eye tracking would be cool. Though I don’t know if it would be that effective just from knowing how often I look off at other stuff while shooting. I think it would work really well for fire and forget weapons though.

I kind of always thought this would be kind of cool for a gaming cafe experience where you could show the matches on a main screen while rotating through the players.

Yeah best solution was the weapon lock button, sadly… I guess the other way would to be a track-ball mounted for thumb use on the steering wheel

Gear stick with a joystick and a trigger :eyes:

I had looked at few left handed joystick when I started getting into omni parts as some of them have a nice rotational axis that can be made use of. Thinking that I could probably look at just using a mouse still for aiming to keep things simple.

There’s some interesting farm vehicle controllers that looked kind of like they would be fun too, even though they are way over priced. A few of them come with a wheel and a joystick.

I did at one time try playing using my drawling tablet pen (instead of mouse) which was kind of funny but didn’t work very well.