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Hello, survivors!

It’s time to discuss a question we are frequently asked by players, especially those who prefer to play on consoles — the possibility of cross-platform gameplay, or as it’s commonly called, “crossplay”.

Often, survivors playing on consoles experience long waiting times to play the game, as well as a wide spread of Power score in battles. To solve this problem, we decided to unite the players from PS4™, PS5™, Xbox One and Xbox Series and give them the opportunity to fight each other in battles. Let’s look a little more closely at which modes and features will be affected by that.

First, we should note that these changes will not affect the PC platform in any way. Console players and PC players will still play on different servers and will not interact with each other in any way.

So, after the update, which will implement cross-platform gameplay for consoles

  • players from all consoles will face each other in all kinds of battles: raids (PvE), missions (PvP), clan wars, clan confrontations, brawls.
  • there will be one shared exhibition for all consoles: players will now be able to see, test and download the creations made by the players from all consoles.

This way, the player matchmaking time for console battles will be shorter, and team lineups in all modes will become more balanced.

Due to technical reasons, because of the merging of the exhibitions, the history and winners of all “Clash of Engineers” contests held on consoles will be reset.
Also, the blueprints that fall under all of those 3 conditions, probably, will be removed from the exhibition:

  • their authors haven’t logged into the game for one year or more;
  • the blueprints haven’t received a single vote or download in six months;
  • the blueprints are not included in the top 100 blueprints on the exhibition by votes.

However, not all aspects of the game will be “shared”: first of all, we’ve decided to focus on providing console players with the opportunity to play together as soon as possible. That’s why:

  • The markets will remain divided. Players from different platforms will not be able to trade with each other.
  • In-game chats will also remain separate for each platform.
  • Although players from different platforms will encounter each other in battles, they won’t be able to invite each other to a group.
  • Players from different platforms will not be able to unite within the same clan.
  • Although the clan wars and clan confrontation modes can match players from different platforms against each other, the leaderboards remain separate.

In the future, some of the game aspects mentioned above may also become cross-platform: we will continue to work in this direction even after the cross-platform update is released.

At the moment, we are making the final preparations and working hard to make cross-platform support available in the near future. As soon as we are ready to launch it, we will definitely inform you about it. In the meantime, get ready for fierce battles with new opponents and allies!


18 January 2024

Developer Blog

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Well there goes using the exhibition as extra storage for builds without needing to buy blueprint expansion then

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Woke up expecting crossplay, just another f**king dev blog about it

I see NO impact on using exhib for extra BP storage; it says, you have to meet all 3 conditions before your bp gets removed. Just log in once a year, and you’re good.

That being the case, if you only log in once a year, you’re not playing anyway, so…


I read that as being more about clash of the engineer, and not necessarily about your normal exhibition space. But I could be wrong!

I think they are talking about the removals as a one time thing for the data merge


That’s the big one that I think the most people will fall under.

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That category only matters if you also fall under the other parts. Which means you would also have to not log in for a year.
This means that older popular builds will actually stay on the exhibition, even if the original player has stopped playing.

The other two are actually not bad for sorting things out. The exhibition will probably be slightly more useful afterwards. Like on PC we still have tons of unusable exhibition builds from past changes that just make it a pain to sort through.

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“Not” included. Therefor the vast majority are ok.

Do you always assume people read things wrong?

Me? Maybe I’m reading it wrong? IDK

You’re right, my bad.