Cross-play? Match wait times longer

I been waiting 5 minutes for a battle what is going on? Crossplay made wait times worse ???

Also kinda lame can invite any to a game or clan. I have friends that have Playstation and im on Xbox. :stuck_out_tongue:

what u waiting for a 2499 match :rofl: :rofl:

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4699 but its all good now load times went down its a lot better now. But tried a few powerscores honestly just was trying to do challenges. Probably dont help i have poop for net

I kinda play all powerscores all the way up to 15k

come join me in 25k lol even tho bots max out at about 22k, old maxed ps bots were porc ez take downs now its dual mastys not so ez but still fun lol

25k I can maybe make it to 20k but i dont have relics quiet yet. I got legendary. I kinda have fun with all the powerscores :wink: I can hang with fairly higher ups :smiley: but idk about 25k just yet :smiley:

if i still had the 3 punishers id be at about 28k to 29k power score :rofl: