Cross-play when?

We need to start pushing this subject again.


I chose to spend less money on the game when they failed to produce crossplay. If they made it crossppay, I would spend more. My rationale is the risk of abandonment is mitigated by crossplay.


Crossplay would be really good for the game.
I really hope it happens.
With a niche game like this, better to have all the players in one place.


it will never involve pc…only consoles if it does happen. :face_with_peeking_eye:


That was not the original plan.

But I dought it ever happens

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Nah, crossplay sucks because I get no benefit out of it. -1 to the monkey UwU

Plan changes you know and I doubt* they were ever serious about cross play

They already stated it was a work in progress during the ashes of singularity dev stream they did a few months back.

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i just asked the Magic 8-Ball.

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The magic 8-Ball has spoken.

I believe they still want to do it, but I also doubt they’ve made a lot of progress on it. My sense is that they’re trying to update and make a bunch of bigger changes first, get things running smoothly enough once the changes settle in, and then try to get crossplay happening along with a bigger marketing push, possibly actually moving out of beta.
It’s getting a lot closer to feeling like a real game, but I think there are still a few big things to do before trying to relaunch the game as a finished product with crossplay.


I thought we where out of Beta for a long time? No? I’m pretty sure 2.0 is a full non-beta release.

Your never going to have true balance, They will continue to patch forever.

Oh I expect balance updates and new items to continue to be added. It’s never going to be a game that’s static (or at least I hope not).
But as much as I love it, it still feels unfinished. And many of those unfinished aspects seem to be what they’ve been focusing on over the last year or two.
I’m not sure if they’re still officially calling it beta, but it feels like it is. If I were them, I would be trying to fix the bigger structural issues (like they have been doing), and work on crossplay after that. And then do a big push and/or relaunch for the announcement of crossplay.

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Could be a good plan of attack.

But if they wait to long they might miss the window of opportunity and no one will care if it is cross-play or not.

It’s a gamble to wait.

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In the Future TM*

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Make the game 20 bucks, the put it as a free ps plus game and free xbox game (if they do that on xbox?) and you would get a HUGE influx of players

It’s “free” on xbox.

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Keep checking :slight_smile:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: