Cross progression/one-time account "update"

Would it be possible to get some form of cross progression? With items being locked to the market they were purchased/crafted on. Or a One-time account transfer? (to avoid market abuse altogether). I have a PS5 account that I spent an exorbitant amount of money on over the years. And sadly, will not be spending a $ on my PC account due to this. Because it’s just plain stupidity to forgo that investment.

I get progress cannot be directly transferred between accounts because they’re separate servers or some BS. But why is it not possible to grant a PC account the same Items that a PS5 account has? So long as both accounts are verified to be owned by the same person? This seems like a completely reasonable possibility. I do not care if I have to forgo faction REP. I do not care if I have to forgo purchased store packs. I just want my goddamn EXPENSIVE fused relics! I will happily pay a reasonable sum for the service of a one-time account “update” (seems more fitting than transfer). In Crossout 2024 this should not only be a possibility but a reality.

All I want to do is play Crossout again with the items I have already purchased; but on my new PC that has much better graphics and performance etc. I’m sure I’m far from the only person in this kind of situation. So, I guess what I’m really hoping for here is that enough of us can band together and get Targem to change their stance on this subject. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say. Sadly, until then Crossout will have 1 less measly player willing to drop time and $ into the game.

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This is an ongoing issue, and to date Taregm/Gaijin will do nothing for you. Oh, unless you’re a Warthunder player. There are a number of posts about it in this forum. Targem/Gaijin apparently is a slave to PSN, and if you started with PSN but want to switch to solely PC, you are fukt. I have a relative with the same problem, and so he gave up on the game. Wish I had better news for you.