Crossbows got Crossedout

…Ok, not really, but the recent crossbow changes which mentioned “model refinements” and “crossbow models are now smaller” is only a half truth.

It seems somewhere along the development changes they actually forgot to make the models smaller and due to the “refinements”, they are actually larger. More specifically, every crossbow other than Varun is roughly 2 blocks wider. This is because previously, the tips of crossbow arms could clip through cabins and armor parts allowing free rotation. That is no longer the case and they now have “proper” hitboxes which makes each side of the bow roughly 1 block wider. Understandable change as parts shouldn’t be clipping if it can be avoided, but the announcement mentioned “smaller models” and this is simply not the case.

Obviously, this is a huge problem. They are already very large weapons with low hp/mass ratios, a nerf like this severely harms their overall viability and should be changed:

• Either revert the change (which won’t happen)


• do as was advertised

Physical models of crossbows have become smaller, and now they correspond to their visual models.

…and actually make the models smaller… It wasn’t necessary before, now it is.


Just selling mine, it’s unusable on my crossbow build that I had for 3 years, was fun while it lasted, pretty dumb change, No clue what positive change this made for the weapons

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Yeah I have no idea if it’s because of the general input lag of crossout or whatever they did to the models, but playing a high speed triple Spike build feels near impossible, and it was not this way when I last used it.

Shots feel like they come out not from the center of the car, when it’s in any form of motion other than parked, but randomly at the sides, and even with an oppressor to make up for the rotation speed I seem to miss shots that by no laws of physics should miss, and not even at a long range. Shots jut fly past people even if I could swear my guns are pointing directly at them, it’s like there is a lag between firing and the shot actually deciding to fly out

Honestly mine went back to normal once they hotfixed them, i just had to move them forward by 1 block because they clipped my back wheels, which is fair, shots seem to land for me, seems normal, idk