Crossbows need a codriver

Crossbows need a codriver specifically for them, they are already not really working that great and every crossbow weapon you are using feels like it needs to be fused for projectile speed to function at all, and even then these feel very sluggish and inaccurate. Tap firing machine guns are way more accurate at a range than crossbows simply out f how sluggishly slow the projectiles move, on top of needing extreme accuracy to hit in the first place.

Maybe one that gives some bonus to phoenix and then the more regular crossbows


I’d like to see one that buffs passive melee. It would be nice to see anything as far as a new co-driver goes though. All that intel is just sitting there collecting dust…or rather it isn’t collecting at all. Once it’s capped at 8K the feature seems like a waste. Dumb system, IMO. Not very well planned, or maybe they plan on changing it to something else already, and don’t want to expand the feature.

Seems like a new one or two would have been a hit in one of all the silly layered battle passes they’ve got piled on top of each other, loaded with non-goods…crap, I am in a mood today.

Maybe this game has gotten to be more than the developers can handle.

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Yes please for a crossbow driver!


+1 for crossbow codriver