Crossout 3rd party battle song


On the off chance that the devs’ include the option to listen to your own music files whilst playing the game, what would your primary choice of tune be?


Click - Stuck…

It would be interesting to see and hear your choices. Perhaps even put together a soundtrack like the GTA game devs achieved.

Have fun



As far as battle songs go that would fit a post-apocalyptic-themed game, I’d choose some uplifting nasheed. Those are the most current, real-world battle songs. Such as “Hay ash-Shabab” or “Qum Nasheed.” I know I should mention “Dawlatul Islami Quamaat,” which is among the most prominent battle songs of the last 20+ years, but it’s a bit serious. Most people are probably familiar with “Saleel al Sawarim,” popularized in certain YT videos. But it’s rather on the somber side. “Yebgha ash Shahada” is lighter, and more melodic. And one can never go wrong with “Hebbit Kerrih.” :slightly_smiling_face:
There are hundreds of nasheeds. As well as readily available playlists compiled into single MP3 files. I like the “Nasheed Compilation #1,” though I prefer to fast-forward through some of the heavier pieces.

I need to get into Viking songs, and I’ve always wanted to get some shanties. Those could be great for battles. Except the one about eating dinner “early in the mornin’,” because that doesn’t make sense. :upside_down_face:

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The ultimate… Carl Orff’s masterpiece…

Rewind for the full effect…

Master of Puppets, You Got Another Thing Coming, Ace of Spades, Down With the Sickness, Everlong, Misery Business, Du Hast, Click Click Boom, I Stand Alone, Blackout, The Pretender, Mickey, Looks That Kill, Nothin but a Good Time, Go Your Own Way, My Generation, Rollin’ & Break Stuff, Give Blood, Seven Nation Army, Dancing With Myself, Basket Case, Living the Vida Loca!

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What videos does it recommend after the music stops? Many of the songs or artist I listed above are recommended at the end of the video. But maybe it is different recommendations for other people. I see Sk8er Boi and Radar Love, good beats for battle. Holding out for a Hero from the Footloose soundtrack is always good too.

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