Crossout Aircraft META

The largest barrier to people playing Crossout heli mode is they don’t build good helicopters and don’t use good weapons.

First, to build good helicopters a few things must be kept in mind:

  1. There are two rotors, Petrel and Hummingbird. 1 Petrel equals about 4 Hummingbirds. Petrels allow sharp turns while Hummingbirds do not. This means that when two builds are circling each other to shoot eachother, the single Petrel powered craft always wins because it can turn much sharper than the Hummingbird craft. Don’t ever use Hummingbirds.

  2. Sharp turning leads to a loss of altitude, meaning that you can fly down very quickly, by turning your rotors too much. This can lead to flips and crashes. But, flying down and hitting the ground is not a bad thing particularly if you are losing your air battle. Unlike real flying, there is no penalty for crashing into the ground at max speed.

  3. Use movement parts! Helicopters that can drive do much better than helicopters that strictly fly. That is because they can use ground cover to play with, they can follow builds into undergorund areas, they can capture bases better and they are usually still in business if the rotor gets shot off. I think that Gerrida is by far the best movement part, as it still works and moves you around even if two or three of them get shot off in your air battle. Other notable movement parts are Hermits, Goliath tracks which double as armor, and Icarus IV hovers. I don’t like hovers or omni wheels for air battles as they have movement problems when some of them get shot off.

  4. Don’t use art builds. The problem with art builds is that they tend to add Hummingbirds to your build. Also, they all undermount the weapons and space them far apart. This is not good because undermounting is bad for the firing angles and because gun spacing makes them hard to aim targets together. The upshot is that art builds lose close air battles because the guns are hard to shoot.

  5. Use Omamori, cloak, Flock, engine, radars and generator. In air battles, modules are your friend and they often make or break the game. In air battles, raw damage is not as important as getting a jump on your opponent, fleeing bad situations and avoiding homing missile spam. I have seen Aegis builds work quite well in the format as well.

So, what I’m envisioning is a small 1000 HP box with a cab, a Petrel on top, 4 movement parts and loaded down with as many weapons, Seals, Shivers and modules as you can cram onto it. This is what wins.

Speaking of Weapons:

S Tier:
Punishers/ Nothungs/ Aspects. These machine guns are great for degunning and de rotoring opponents. They have low spread, decent range and are hitscan.

Parsers. These give massive burst hitscan damage at decent range. This is a winning combo for Crossout helis.

Arbiters. These work for the same reasons as the others machine guns work. charge em up and shoot something.

Trombone. There are some guys on Xbox that have 6 or so Trombones all fused for turn speed with 3 on each trigger. He doesn’t need to aim so he jukes all over the place and just keeps Trombones coming until eventually you blow up. This many Trombone shots will overwhelm a cloak, a Flock and whatever other anti rocket gear you have and Trombones, unlike Hurricanes cannot be dodged and do not miss. In addition, when you have a Trombone player on your team, he is a great support player, as he is setting up an opponent for huge damage from a conventional MG/ Starfall player. You just follow him around then hit whatever he lights up.

Starfall. The huge splash and quick turn speed make Starfall the only autocannon to make S-Tier. Use with a Harpy for much better splash.

Athena. These are great in air wars but after the mechanics nerf it is harder for an Athena to land all the shots. Athenas are S-.

A Tier:
Destructor. These do well, but are relatively short range and you have to hold the beam onto a target to get the damage. These are great guns but have more drawbacks than the S tier guns.

Cyclones. Cyclones are great as the huge durability does well. Use two Cyclones with two Seals and a Harpy. These are not as effective as Starfalls.

B Tier:
Hurricanes. Hurricane Hadron builds work well if the Hurricanes are fused for turn speed. These reload fast enough to overwhelm a cloak, but too many shots miss, Hurricanes are too easy to dodge and a hurricane is generally just machine gun/Parser/Starfall/Athena/Trombone food. These should be avoided.

Stillwind/Whirlwind. These hit hard but the spread while moving problems makes them hard to land.

Crickets. These generally miss, but a load of crickets can one shot a build. It would be intersting to try dummy rockets with a spider cab in heli games.

In conclusion:

People are not having as much fun in heli mode as they could because they use innefficient builds and or bad guns. Get yourself some S-tier guns, a load of modules and a little box spider build and you will be heli warring with the best of them.

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I like it but I’m not going to say it’s an easy ride. I don’t have wheels or frames on my build either. lol

I tend to agree with the petrel superiority for now. I usually play with reapers, a petrel and a lot of modules. Reapers are great because you only need 12 energy and no extra modules to boost them. They may not be S tier but are reliable.
I don’t play them but you seem to have forgotten both flash and caucasus. Those two weapons are highly played and often with great success (both allow to concentrate on dodging instead of aiming and both do significant damages at short range. Flash has the added perk of destroying incoming rockets)

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I hadn’t thought of Reapers. I bet they’re hilarious with the monster impulse. Also, this list wasn’t exclusive and if you say Caucasus and Flash is good I will take your word for it. How do you build a Flash copter? Do you need 3 Flash to do it?

I feel like I should mention that air battle mode is still fun and playable without rotors.
I’ve got lots of MVPs with little cars, hiding below cover and taking potshots at aircraft from the ground.

Oh no! PSA, if you are going to play a ground build in aircraft mode, please place a rotor, even 1 small Hummingbird on your build. Why? Because many people playing are doing a challenge such as “destroy 10 enemies with rotors”. This is hard to do if you are not used to the air format and putting a rotor on your vehicle gives the other players fighting chances against you. You don’t actually have to fly if you don’t want to.

I agree that ground fighting is extremely effective in air battles. What is also effective is using a helicopter to get around and gain position, and then fight from the ground.

What is also effective is fleeing bad situations by flying into ground cover and caves.

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I’ve been messing around using less hummingbirds 2-3 of them. Keep in mind I haven’t made anything I really like out of this but to get the sharper turns you need to mess with the radius of the movement parts. I think it’s going to be one of those parts people figure out how to use in the long run rather than the short.

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It’s funny.

I saw lots of people complaining about how shitty Starfall is, specially when compared with Cyclone which on the ground it’s the superior weapon.
Caucasus is just garbage on the ground .
Triggers and destructors are just murderers on the ground.
which leads me to my question
How two different modes share the same weapons?
How the hell the weapon will be tuned ( nerf/ buff) if it has different behaviours and different outcomes?

Making a second version for every weapon?

Is just weird to maintain the bonus on. I don’t really think it is that much worse but to get the most out of it you have to miss consistently close to target.

RIght. They going to buff Starfall 10 percent to improve its ground game when it is already an S-Tier weapon in air Crossout and it was made specifically for air Crossout. How is that buff going to impact the air game where Starfall is already top notch. Is it going to be in its own S+ tier soon?

Jack of all trades, master of none. Either build aircraft or ground vehicle. Ground ones sort of at disadvantage as most weapons still have huge blind zone cone over them, you can place weapons differently but then you no longer have effective ground vehicle.
I thought using low clearance wheels is neat idea as they only cost 40 PS each and small enough to fit, but for most builds you would have to build much stuff differently so nah.

You don’t really understand concept of PS optimization do you?

Pretty much food for caucasus. 1000 hp is barely enough even for 5000 PS.

At 5000 PS there are two metas:
Whirlwind snipers, and caucasus boxes.
Sniper is great for taking out bots, and good at distance but becomes food for Caucasus up close.
Aiming even hitscan weapons is hard in maneuverable fights, so autocannon guys get quickly overwhelmed. Caucasus have their disadvantage too but trying other thing you’ll mostly find them rather inferior to said two metas.

I’d say the gamemode is rather crude to analyze seriously yet.

I only play bigs except for 9k clan confrontation. Power score optimization is for avoiding good players.

Xbox big power score for helis is 12k plus. My builds are always about 14k.

Ya good advices, build with relics people, better fused ones.

If that works with xbox players anything will.

What’s big in a normal match?


on Xbox?

yeah. I would imagine its the same on all platforms tbh, the new cabs, the new genny + 5 porcs. Not everyone in a match will be 18k+… but 18k+ isn’t uncommon.

I’m never sure the counter takes longer when I go over +15 so I don’t really try up there often. So it just has me wondering if I was to add more to this. Takes me about a half minute or more for a match then lower scores.

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To be fair I never played with those. It’s just that I faced many people with 3 flash (or flash + spark, hard to tell sometimes) and they tend to wreck other helis. They decloak at very short range and their extra mobility against you mean you are dead without help. They are very easy to deal with when spotted from afar but in 8v8 it’s fairly easy for an heli to slip by.

There’s a canon doing just that ( i don’t remember the name now)
But i heard somewhere for the Starfall comes into it’s own you have to have a full set.

And i see people with just one, maybe that’s helping the reviews I’ve been seeing in the forum.


exactly, they are making changes to weapons according to what parameters?
Air and Ground are two different things.
And there are weapons that clearly react different in those two different environments.
Balancing them for one of the environment will make them worse or OP in the another