Crossout art — april 2053

Did you recognize this Leviathan?

This month’s artwork features a fateful moment for one of the survivors, which turned him from an unknown engineer to one of the richest individuals of the Valley. And what did you expect? For the participation of such a machine in “Dronapocalypse”, the organizers of this brawl are ready to pay more than a decent amount of gold!

Of course, April will not be limited to the drone battle only. The upcoming events include a traditional Easter event and an unusual PvP mission. And in the second half of the month we expect the return of the “Mayhem” with an unexpected but pleasant change. What kind of change? We’ll find out closer to the start of the event!


You can download these and other artworks from the “Wallpapers” section on our official website.

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I wonder if they ban pyres, heli drones and caucuses for the babies. :wink::joy:

I hope so. If they don’t, I won’t bother with it…unless they have fart-horns for prizes.

I want the first year mayhem event please.

That would be pleasant :slight_smile:

They always change things for the worse.

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Fixed it.

Kidding…sort of.
The art work has gotten better. The environment is better, and the animations are too. They recently reworked the graphics on the Gunmount Wheel ( didn’t seem to even mention it anywhere). Looks nice. The Bridge kills kids if you smack it, and some tower collapses. New maps. New audio.

They’re really good at the art, but clumsy AF with the capitalism, and seem to purposely install misery into the game mechanics for some reason. Does crafting have to suck? Why do brawls always have a tragic flaw? Do the prizes always have to make you disappointed at least half the time? Who is docSAVAGE anyway? What’s up with hovers, and can somebody please fix the full-screen mode?

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they can keep the rotors locked in the shed til next year lmao

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