Crossout art — august 2053

r/Crossout - Crossout art — August 2053

August is almost here, survivors!

This month promises to be rich for exciting novelties and events. And it’s not only about the mysterious armoured car from our August art and its never-before-seen parts. In August we will witness the return of the Steel championship as well as the start of a new event!

Also we continue to work on clan activities changes that we have announced earlier. We will let you know as soon as any additional information appears.

And for now we wish you good luck in battles during these summer days!

You can download this and other artworks from the “Wallpapers” section on our official website.

New mobility device and what looks like a Draco CK, not bad, but I wish that was a new weapon

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Omnidirectional ball-shaped wheel which was introduced in one of their comics.

Feels like a legendary movement part.

Also feels like an upcoming nerf to Gerridae and (again) Omni.

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With no real information, u immediately go to complaining. Being perpetually pessimistic will shorten your life

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That’s not complaining. That’s a prediction about what could happen.

I never appraised the alleged nerf as good, neither bad. What’s wrong with you? Could you please not make up stories about what’s going on in other people’s heads?

They sure are doing better with their sci-fi this year, art-wise. At first I thought it was at the expense of their Mad Max theme (OP pew-pew), and at first it sort of was, but cars (wheels) seem to be making come back too. You just have to go lower in power-score (like sub-5K), and the game in it’s original context seems to be alive and well again.

They must have updated the matchmaker along with that last update, because I now have access to any power-score I feel like playing.

That was not the case before. Previously, I was forced into playing crap I didn’t want to, piling modules and fancy guns I didn’t want onto my builds, just to get the power-score up high enough to be allowed to play…and then getting seal clubbed anyway. It was pissing me off, and forcing me to META…which leads to me just not playing.

Now I can slap together very simple builds in a few minutes and go hit the wasteland again in Old-School Crossout fashion with my Thug or even the WWT1 if I want to…and I do.

IMO, Crossout 2.0 was a disaster initially, but I think it’s starting to come together finally. I know most kids like their new pew-pew and Legendary whatever, but I don’t care for it, and was nostalgic for the game I fell in love with 5 years ago. Now (for now) I can enjoy a simpler version of this game down low, and you guys with your perk filled pew-pew can go enjoy that too.

I think I like where the game is at today. I hope it lasts…pretty sure it won’t.

I am curious if it will be Omni wheel (better) or Omni wheel (worse) or same as current omni wheel (But Omni themselves get nerfed before it’s released)

Or they could be lazy and go with it’s just Omni

My guess would be that the omni-balls are going to made for the heavier side of medium compared to the onmi-wheel. I just hope it’s not stuck in another you can’t get this unless you pay-in mini event.

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Could you please tell me which comics you’re talking about and where I could find them?

Those ball-omni differ from the ones on the art but it’s foreshadowing of some sort nonetheless.

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The new Omni is already here:
2023.08.04 001
2023.08.04 002
2023.08.04 003
I’m curious if it’ll be better for Heather cars than the Buggy (ST), which for now has to go with the Bigfoot ST.
2023.08.04 004

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Looks like the players are starting to get impatient

No, these are all from my exhibition. The community is clueless, and doesn’t seem to care much about the new wheel, or at least isn’t anxious to get it (seriously, zero spontaneous discussion about the new wheel!). The NA part of the community is now basically old, negative geezers trying to infect others with crazy, and their teenage counterparts on new accounts. I’ve started to turn the general chat off at the NA peak time, because it’s just negative spam. A few hours ago, I tried letting them know how dumb they look, being 50 and 60, and spamming nonsense like that. One dude explained to me that they’re trying to re-create the atmosphere of when Howling Wolf was there. And he wasn’t even upset at my comment, he was genuinely nostalgic. That suggests the game has hit another milestone of low. “Your mom” jokes, bodily functions, various random garbage, boy kissers, etc. This is the NA community these days. Gaijin should take note of this change, because how likely are they to spend money, if those are casual players at best? Some can go without seeing combat for weeks, and just spam that nonsense in the chat. 400+ pieces of the Ball Lightning hologram are being sold, which could mean Gaijin has sold 1000-2000 BPs. Hooray. That’ll keep the servers running! :smiling_face_with_tear: Why is there no portrait in this BP? There’s a new picture of Foxy, which we’d expect to be a portrait for us. Such a simple blunder.

The game needs healthy, ambitious, competitive players. And for that, it should try to approximate a dynamic e-sport experience. Instead, it feels like a dying house. I’m trying to find new ways to have fun in Crossout, but Tard’em keeps clipping my wings. Can’t really use the Clarinet in PvP now, so at least I’ve been rocking in raids with my new Heather car (which was a necessity, because my Inicinerator car couldn’t compete with Stillwind vehicles in Crater raids). A Heather master should be able to outscore anything else. But my new toy could get nerfed before I get there, as with what happened to the Omni, just when I was learning to use it for various cool tricks. Nerf after nerf, with no apparent plan. That’s chief developer Alex’s grand vision. :see_no_evil:

But I don’t think the game needs a lot of competition and combat, because it all eventually leads to exhaustion for all players, and almost all modes in the game are now filled with these

Yes, I recognise this, games that are supposed to be known for their diversity have been overly and unnecessarily limited, flight mode brought a lot of players to XO a while ago, but the developers didn’t want to find a way to continue that strength instead they threw it away

But, you’ve never used a part that got buffed?

Who said it wouldn’t be an omni CK?

I’ll settle for players who care about teamwork, using the minimap, and trying to play well.

There is a Ka-52 cabin in the works, and a module that could launch flares to lose homing missiles. The Ka-52 is a coaxial helicopter, so the cabin would go with the rotor that we had in that event. So helicopters will probably become a regular part of the game. There could be a pack or a BP with those parts.

Sure. We’ll see then. :slightly_smiling_face:

This wheel has a hoop that sticks out from the vehicle, and is mounted on a projecting section, making it a frontal/rear wheel, like the Claw or the Sabbath. The ball appears to be suspended electromagnetically inside of it.

“Parts” suggests there are at least 2 new parts. So the weapon could be new, not a Draco CK, as some have suggested, or as others are guessing, those are 2 new wheels.

Oh, and, uh… Just now, some ‘men-kissers’ from NA. Yeah… :neutral_face:

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