Crossout at steam awards!

Survivors! Steam presents its own award once again — vote during the autumn sale and support Crossout

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I would have voted if they weren’t giving the non-Russian player base the cold shoulder, like if you can’t be bothered to give us an English update/Livestream then why should I bother giving you a vote?!

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im thinking they took down the orig vid because it went up too early, before they could do an English stream but, decided to repost the org vid anyways. I’m certain we’re gonna get an english stream in a day or two.

That’s commendable of you, but they’ve done this before and never released an English update/stream so I’m not as open to giving them the benefit of a doubt anymore

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we’ll see what happens. i posted a vid about it an hour ago and it’s already got traction.

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I already posted that like 8 hours ago, I was so early that they private it and then made it viewable again xD
Unless you meant you posted a video you made about it

it’s a small vid highlighting my in game convo and the rig. that’s it.

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Just watched it, and yeah haha
Though with the clown theme and that portrait and its name, I was getting Twisted Metal vibes

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yeah. I put that in my title, Twisted Metal & Ghostbusters. Gave you credit shout out for finding the orig vid at the end too.

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Thank you, also I wouldn’t mind a ghost buster theme vehicle pack, especially if it came with the siren horn!
And maybe hologram ghosts

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im just guessing here but, from the looks of Mr. Twister’s car pack…it doesn’t look like a pack that will be in the shop…it has lots of rare and special items on it, so, im wondering if it’s gonna be like Marmok…a free pack??

EDIT: Not a free car pack.

Maybe, if so that be a nice treat, it’ll be free gold for me as I’ll keep it’s untradable parts and sell the copies I got that are tradable

I’m not voting for it until they make it reliable again. I get at least one File I/O error crash EVERY time I play, usually when it can steal my fuel in a raid and not credit me with a win even if my team go on to win after I crash out.

Funny to see all the comments there

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My votes going to elden ring

they want to be awarded for labor of love? is this a joke? they put in no “labor” when it comes to listening to our feedback, and they show the community no love whatsoever, they don’t take our feedback seriously we have been telling them about the server desync problems for months now and the only response we get is “its your problem out game is working as indented” i have personally been asking to search through my market history for years now, it is such a simple basic QOL improvement to the game that they could probably code up in a few hours, we can search for thousands of builds on the exhibition but if i want to see how much i sold that blight cab for a month ago, i need to spend 5 hours clicking through hundreds of pages of market transactions, yeah, they wont be getting my vote, not until they start taking their community seriously