Crossout Awards 2053

I wanted to complain about the event that took place: Crossout Awards 2053
In the whole voting time I’ve seen my blueprint once and some other blueprints more than 10 times and more.
How can it be that the blueprints are displayed in such an unfair way.
I also asked other players and some of them did the same.
This voting system should be revised so that others have the chance to present your blueprint. Because no player wants to click on the next blueprint all the time, you should make a table like in the gallery. So you can see all the works and judge them better.


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Your complaint has been noted and will be filed in the appropriate receptacle.

Well guess you aren’t friendly with the Devs/mods in-game or in the forum or aren’t the same 3 to 5 people who seem to win these contests, I’ve seen cases where the go-to winners taken builds from the exhibition be it their own or others repaint them due a few cosmetic changes and enter those and win.
Sorry to say this but you’re not one of the chosen ones least not yet, you gotta kiss up to the right people if you want to have a chance to win any contest

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Clans also boost clan mates scores.


People with friends win.

One of the first contests on Xbox I know a dude that copied a build, posted it, and then messaged everyone he knew/saw to vote for him. He won.

The whole thing is rigged.

I think it’s not a question of being rigged or not.

The same happened to me in my other life.

A contest for a cammo for a ship, the winner would see his work selected for an upcoming ship.
Despite knowing i wouldn’t win i downloaded the template provided by the game and worked on it for 7 days, without playing the game, i putted my heart and soul in that project.
At the end some cool designs made by professionals of graphic design blew my design out of the water ( no pun intended) but even they didn’t win.
The thing is, i never saw my design in display, i never saw my work.
Never again, being in whatever game may be.

I think is what’s the OP is complaining.

Ditto the OP. I saw some builds repeatedly, but it took about 45 minutes before I saw mine, once and only once. I went back the next day to finish looking at the entries, because I wasn’t sure if I saw them all, and while I never saw mine again, I did see see other blueprints repeated multiple times.

You would think the way to do this is to have a blurb saying “there are XXXX entires”, and let you scroll from first to the last, so you KNOW you’re seeing each one ONCE, and you know how many more there are to look at.

You can report this by going onto the Exhibition, searching Reported in All Time and clicking the Like Button.

I entered build contests a few times several years ago. It was all people from PC that won every time. There are more people to vote than there are on Xbox. All the Xbox builds during that time didn’t win anything.
I stopped bothering and never looked back.

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I wish clash of engineers would show how many votes you got in total, rather than just telling if we won anything or not, would be cool to see if I even got a single vote or not because currently it feels like I have gotten 0 each time

If it would show that you got 1 or 2 votes at least then people could have some confidence that the things they submit properly rotate and have been seen by people, rather than being under the impression that most builds submitted never see the light of day in the randomizer voter

You can look at the votes, I don’t remember exactly what you click to get there though. Unless they removed it.

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I think I remember that too.

But I stopped doing these things after the frist two they ever did because I know for a fact it is rigged.