Crossout Awards

Hello, survivors!

Very soon Crossout will celebrate its eighth anniversary. This year we have prepared a lot of different events. Today we’d like to tell you about one of them.

INTRODUCING: First! Post-apocalyptic! Ceremony! Crossout Awards!

This year you will see:

  • Best fragmovie
  • Hype of the year
  • Best IRL work
  • Best fan art

And many others too!

The award ceremony will take place very soon, on June 1, 2023. Everyone is invited!

Discuss it on Reddit! (Because we still want to keep the community divided.)

I happen to have a frag movie. The idea was to make it a nice, long, quality movie. Here it is. :sunglasses:

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8th birthday of this undeveloped embryo of a game, what joy.

I guess they gonna make a few stickers for free.

There’s an event with a brawl, and a free battle pass. And yes, IIRC, two new Ivy XO stickers, a gift box hologram, maybe some more decor.


We’ll see when it happens. Last time it was that event on that map with gas station. With elusive balloon drone.


One player found it only after 800 attempts. Others 300 and so on. And the hubcap had a trading history for at least two weeks before it was awarded in the event. Who was trading it while it was still unavailable to players?

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Some people who are (were) more “privileged” than the others :man_shrugging:

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Vets got hooked up last year with a special hologram hubcap.

what a boring idea , kinda like these weekly movie brunches full of old clips of basic battles

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so many juicy hits!

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And then he played a little Crossout :wink:

here’s my frag movie

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I love “basic battles” its where the real fun stuff happens (except the TOW bug, that was awesome in CW lol).

CW = the same boring wait for 3 minutes then engagement strategy (I know, I know, generalization bad me). over and over and over. Boring to play after doing it several years, even more boring to watch.

I am going to play XO either way, so I am glad to get “free stickers”

yea i played 1 match of clanwars and id rather play patrol or one of the brawls

but the clan i was in was full of douchenozzle teenage( assuming by how they behaved in their discord )edgelords

but they will bring up a clip of an event months after an event happen and represent it as something amazing , but its actually something youd witness multiple times if you had played that event


CW’s can be fun. Please don’t let one bad experience ruin it for you. There are clans that gain ore that are great experiences. However, you do you, that is the most important thing, you are playing (hopefully) to have fun.

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Thing is, those clans won’t accept just any unknown Survivor. And there are only 60 clans mining that precious ore. And their alliances, that is.

So if a player is not getting ore, why the heckity heck would they need to join any clans? To play “together”? They can gather some friends and rule 4k PS on blue weaponry in a 4-player pack.

Clans are redundant, as well as relics.

The funnier thing is they can’t even see it.

You will have guys come to the forum that act like this and they think they are being normal.

In their mind they are acting like everyone around them, so they feel like this is how regular people treat each other.

I feel sad for them.


I’m just gonna give myself what we all know I deserve.


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I guess it truly is
a closed circle

I myself do not care at all about these contents, their contribution to the game is relatively limited, waiting for new mechanisms to update, and hopefully the developers will focus on solving the more important problems in the game

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