Crossout Basket Ball

Concrete Rings, a few blocks with and without angles, jump pads, and giant soccer ball…
New game mode? Could it be the next Steel Championship level event?
I’m curious how people would approach building an arena for this.


I tried to tell them once that doing the rocket rip kind of sucked and they should do their own sport. However most people when I suggested shooting at a chainsaw puck to move it around a mini golf course just lol’d and rolled their eyes. Your guess is just as good as mine as to what might make a good sport.

I really couldn’t care though for the sports mode, too many people just quit the sports mode as soon as they think they are down too much. I just ignore at this point when they re-run it.

Plasma hoop flying competition would work too. We already have game objects for that.

How about hockey? A puck that slides along the ground, full slippery ice on the arena, puck isn’t affected by guns that much, boosters on all cars, moving the puck happens mostly with ramming into it and skinner, also puck deals meelee damage when in contact with it for too long so you don’t want to try to be in contact for too long rather than giving it bumps to move it, or tryign to prevent it from moving. Also way heavier of a puck so it does not just zigzag at mach 5 from one end of the arena to the other with skinners and boosters like the football

Possible weapons could be the quasar on the builds, that does not affect the puck at all but can be used to hit players

Cars could be kinda heavy and sluggish and relying on booster to go fast