Crossout became psn

Hello, i have started my crossout on pc, but when i linked my old warthunder account from ps4 to my pc gaijin account, my crossout got “psn” too and i cant use shop now, is it possible to unlink psn, i dont need transfer from ps4, cos basicly my account is pc, and when i buy crosscrowns money go away but i get nothing cos it says that i bought it for console

You’re not alone, this happened to a relative of mine too. He started Warthunder and Crossout on PSN, then wanted to play exlusively on the pc, so he got his account linked, but now can’t buy anything in the store for his pc account; no packs, no battlepass, nothing; he can buy crosscrowns, but ONLY for warthunder. He wanted to spend money on Crossout too, and explained that to them…but Gaijin will do nothing for him. That’s how backward the company is.

There’s 2 reasons I recently became a F2P’er…and this is one of the reasons. If they don’t need his money, then they don’t need mine either.

Your friend problem a bit different, he started crisdout on ps too, but me not, my account is on pc and it got linked, i have an idea to delete my psn account on ps but idk will it help