🎙 Crossout: Between two fires

[PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Between two fires

In this minor update, you can expect 2 events at once: “Between two fires” with a reward scale and production of valuable parts, and the long-awaited return of the Ravens in “Raven’s path”!

Between two fires

Attention! The event and packs will be available until December 13 inclusive!

  • The levels and corresponding rewards are unlocked as you complete special challenges and earn event experience points.
  • Event experience points are required to unlock levels and receive rewards.
  • As part of this event, you will be receiving new challenges: 1 main and 1 additional challenge.
  • New challenges appear every day. All uncompleted daily challenges are accumulated.
  • The base event rewards are available to all players without exception. They include:
    • Coupons for factional workbenches;
    • 50 in-game coins;
    • A number of stickers and the “Exhaust module” decor;
    • Containers with resources;
    • Engineer badges.
  • All additional rewards (marked with a lock icon on a blue background) are only available to those who have purchased the “Between two fires” pack (standard or deluxe version). Purchasing the deluxe version immediately unlocks the following 10 levels and all the rewards of the unlocked levels.
  • Purchasing the pack gives you access to:
    • Certain already produced parts;
    • Recipes for the production of certain upgraded parts on the event workbench;
    • Additional 550 in-game coins;
    • 3 paints, a number of stickers and decors (left and right “Excavator headlight” and “Light bar”);
    • Storage expansion;
    • For each subsequent level, starting from 41, you will receive the scope “Iris” as a reward. These scopes can be used in the production of parts on a special event workbench, as well as sold or used in upgrades.

Attention! The “Between two fires” packs will be available:

  • PC: from 06:00 GMT on November 16 to December 13 inclusive;
  • Consoles: from 10:00 GMT on November 16 to December 13 inclusive.

Raven’s path

Earn talers and produce exclusive parts of the Ravens and Knechte!

Attention! The event will last from November 23 to December 3 inclusive!

Special mission “Raven’s path”!

  • The mission counts towards the progress of daily challenges.
  • For taking part in the mission, the player receives a special temporary resource: talers.

These hexagonal coins, talers, are left from the Knechte. The Ravens defeated the Knechte in a fierce battle, but preserved their legacy. And so talers still remain a running currency.

  • Active “Premium subscription” increases the number of talers received as a result of the battle.
  • Talers can not be sold or purchased through the in-game market.
  • After the end of the “Raven’s Path” event, all unused talers will be withdrawn from the option to exchange them for any other resources.
  • Talers, as well as a certain amount of resources and parts, can be exchanged for items from a special temporary workbench, “Raven Pavilion”.

Temporary workbench “Raven Pavilion”

This workbench features a full range of parts and cosmetic items that are exclusive for the Ravens and Knechte and that cannot be produced after the event is over.


  • Special revolver “Emily”.
  • Small caliber cannon “Median”.
  • Epic crossbow “Spike-1”.
  • Legendary crossbow “Toadfish”.


  • Rare detonation module “Rift 2M”.
  • Rare coupling module “Contact 2M”.
  • Epic defence module “Argus”.

Movement parts

“Gun-mount wheels” and “Gun-mount wheels ST”.


In addition, you will be able to produce a number of other parts from the temporary workbench range. Pay attention to their recipes - they are different from those featured on factional workbenches.

  • “Quasar”.
  • ”Oppressor”.
  • “Spectre-2”.
  • “Fortune”.
  • “Reaper”.

Cosmetic items

  • Decor: “Armored skull”, “Bludgeon” and “Martin’s helmet”.
  • Horn “Huntsman’s horn”.
  • Hologram “Wingbeat”.
  • Paint: “Teutonic cross”, “Teutonic ribbon”, “Teutonic eagle”, “Burnished steel”, “Fleur-de-lis”, “Material: Plate Steel” and “Damascus Steel”.
  • Various stickers of the Knechte and Ravens.


During the event, it is possible to receive the “Treasurer” medal:

  • For the 1st level of the medal you receive a unique banner logo.
  • For the 2nd level of the medal you receive a unique portrait “Stevo”.

  • Added changes to the armoured aircraft controls, which could previously be tested on a special server. They aim to increase the dynamics of aerial combat and make it more intuitive and convenient:
    • Now, at small angles of inclination along the pitch axis, armoured aircraft can fly without gaining altitude. This will allow armoured aircraft to approach the enemy more easily, while opening fire at the same time.
    • A limited roll to the left/right (the A/D keys) no longer leads to loss of altitude at small angles of inclination along the pitch axis. This will simplify altitude control during aerial combat.
    • Acceleration is now less dependent on pitch angle and is now stronger at low pitch angles. This increases maneuverability, allowing you to change direction faster and reduces the influence of inertia.
    • The vertical braking force has been increased, which should provide greater control of movement.
    • Improved overall stability of armoured aircraft in the air.
  • Increased the height of the “upper border” on the “Desolate town” map.
  • Improved visual effects of the “Manitou” cabin.
  • Improved the placement of the “Avia strut” on the part icon in the storage.

  • Fixed incorrect display of highlighting of some buttons in the interface when moving the cursor over them.
  • Now, when selecting a non-tradable item on a workbench, a message indicating that the item cannot be sold no longer appears.
  • Improved client stability.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.

Fun with menus. :neutral_face:

I like the smoke rolling out the windows they added to my Manitou. I do like my cigarettes, and my Manitou.


Much better mini pass this time

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Looks like I will be crafting an Argus. Wish I had never sold mine.

OMG, they resurrected a f2p event? With only recycled shit but that’s still a progress?



No balance changes, MEH
Another mini battlepass MEH
with items you can’t craft (gungnir) and are already going at huge prices (1000 coins) evn though they were generally unwanted before this MEH
Or needing another Thor for 2 legendaries but only getting one in the mini pass MEH


Ravens return, pretty cool, but no new items of any kind, MEH
No balance changes, MEH

Did I mention no balance changes? MEH
Helicopter handling change-oh who cares
no balance changes/10 update, meh


Seems like a decent small update, after all it is a small update so wasn’t expecting anything besides a new way to rake in the dough, Ravens return is nice but wish they’d update the inventory of them a bit especially after all this time

Only thing I find that’s MEH about this update so far are the people both here and Reddit complaining about not having balance updates or no cross play, last I check any substantial changes are done when the major BP are implemented and not on these Fund gathering small updates. For the cross play I find consistently nagging about it on socials and here not gonna do anything, they said they’re working on it doesn’t mean it’s high on there list to do, for all we know it’s number 98 on they’re 100 things to do list!


I’m in on this one. 2 fused Retchers for $10? Yes please.

I’m actually considering buying this one, and I’ve never bought any of the mini-BPs.
I will admit that the last few have been tempting, so they’re getting better at making them appealing. I kind of wish they had never been introduced, but they’re not the worst way to address shortages of old BP items. I would have preferred permanent blueprints, but I can see the argument that would have given longtime players too much of an advantage, as their old BP blueprints would allow them to profit more from crafting than players who joined after those BPs.

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Looking forward to an Argus, Passed it up the first previously thinking “Meh” . Not so much now wanting one!

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They are actually pretty cool units but annoying to place do the the shape/size of them. As it’s a 3x3 it tends to make everything else off-center.

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Bummer… Oh well I will have to use a little imagination to make it work. Thanks for the FYI!


They tend to sell really well though so I’d still make them. If you don’t like it you can always sell them later when the price goes back up. If they reduced the energy cost and made them smaller I’d use them more. I do think they need to give more benefits to the defensive side of modules.

The Contact 2M’s are also great armor pieces too btw and can be upgraded for durability or dmg resistance it’s almost a 1:1 ratio with its durability and mass…

I think if the menu guy can keep us entertained for a while by exploiting the massive content they already have, while the big guys tackle this game’s deeper development issues, then more power to them. It sounds like a good plan to me, anyway.

I’ll be pondering better ways for them to do that (supplemental menu games utilizing already developed assets). Perhaps we could should try to form an opinion about what past assets we would like incorporated into future mini-passes like this. What kinds of bling-bam-boom would we like to see revitalized and represented for ourselves and upcoming aces?

I’ll try to be patient, and creative, like the Coyote suggested. Most of this stuff I’ve either gotten already and kept, or decided I didn’t want and scrapped, so I’m not terribly excited about any of this so far.

I do love the Ravens though, and I think I can get into that theme if I try. Maybe ObsidianFang should fire up Monster Truck Monday again. That was a very classic Raven themed build showcase, wasn’t it…with the lifted and jacked sky-high hot-rod style?

I’ll be building my schit that way anyway, because I do like the Ravens, am willing to celebrate their return, and have been helplessly addicted to Burnished Steel ever since they introduced it anyway. So ya, I’ll play along with that part. Happy to.

This type of supplemental and nostalgic pass (containing previously popular content) allows me an opportunity to once again weigh in on whether I want this stuff in my limited inventory or not, and it also gives the new guy a chance to grab missed content for their own inventories.

Polite monetization will probably always be a popular issue with this game. I’m trying not to get hung up on it at the moment. A guy’s gotta eat, so I’m glad there are some people who are finding this pass to their liking.

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’ so what are you trying to say? ’ :crazy_face:

I’ll start with, “Hooked on Phonics worked for me.” I’m not sure you had to quote that entire wall of type just to illustrate how you didn’t read it, but whatever.

I’ll put it like this: This type of pass looks like it was done by the guy in the menu department. I’ll try to live with that…for now.

Burnished Steel is easily my most used paint. Love it so much.

I’m seriously considering buying this mini pass. There’s a few things I’m offered that I’ve wanted for a while, and I’m very tempted to skip the grind for some of those legendary weapons.

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I see M420 running double Wretchers on a naked art build, pwning kids at 120kph, and sometimes I think I want some of that too, but I think I’m going to try a more budget version of that if I can for now, and maybe work my way into something villainous like that later…although, TBH, if I can stay where I’m at and exterminate three legged mutant Spiders and melee-bricks at under 6K, I will. Anything that helps me do that makes me feel better.

I’m going to wait until the Ravens get here to decide how tight my wallet really is. My plan was to look towards Christmas to spend any more cash here, because I picked up that Manitou pack (lite) recently, instead of The main BP. It’s more my speed, I think, and I’m pretty content with it…I do love the Ravens, but I think I have most of their stuff.

If you friend me on PC I can show you a naked hover heli that goes that fast.

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I don’t really do Hovers, got none in inventory, but wouldn’t mine seeing that anyway.