Crossout Broken Physics

Please fix the physics regarding the reverse wedge on melee builds because it has been a problem for ages! It keeps every kind of builds pinned and its really broken, especially with the broken flash!
The power penality of the hover is incorrect.With 9 hovers its absolutely lose move ability.
When the melee grab it.

its not broken,its a game…thats crossout,maybe don’t make a melee hover and keep your distance…other wise that may happen…unless you want to ride around like this…

You didn’t finally crack and split into multiple personalities and go all Fight-Club on us, did you?

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This is a BUG! Can’t see what’s happening in the video?

i guess not,hey wait…your the one who stole my avatar in the old forum,and i had to change mine.thx pal…

Yes it was me. willingly :slight_smile:

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lol no worries,i do miss it though.

Just as much as you. That you don’t see what’s happening in the video

what i see is 2 pll locking horns because of their builds.what am i missing? rams n deer do it in nature…


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i love good gifs !!

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What bug? im surprised the hover can stay in the air with 4 hovers in one end. physically hover should be unbalanced with less thrust on one end.


:thinking: seriously, I’m not writing anything out anymore.
i will stop playing.
You can then play the science of pressing the W key who stays in this game.
Beginner players come here - and a lot of W-pressing players write about the topic but in the meantime write about 2-3 years of stuff or more net nonsense to it.
Where is the moderator and DEV?

They should correct that these vehicles can fly carrying tons that technically they do not support. too many pluses and few minuses

it had 6 hovers left not 4

this forum feels like if insanity themselves was incarnated as a person

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shh Karen will here you…