Crossout car progression

Meme topic.

stage one: car

you have your starter car not enough parts to do anything so you use car.

stage two: smol box

you have parts but not the skill to build with them, so you make a box and put guns and wheels on it.

Stage three: armored car

Skill building is starting to catch up with parts, your build start to look more like combat vehicles.

Stage four: TANK/ FAV

You know what you are doing, you have the skill to build it and the knowledge to use it, be it a fast moving hover, a hit and run shotgun, or even a cannon miller or tank that can take every shot in existance.


Your skill has grown even more you know how to combo cabs, modules, and weapons to maximize DPS or DPH, you can make do with almost any weapon in the game to make a vehicle of pure destruction nomater the type.

Stage SIX A: BOX

This stage is rare, you made the mistake of wanting a relic, and had to play the meta, all creativity is gone you are a box with hovers and spaced armor, for if you are anything else you loose, no more interesting part combos, no more redusing your DPS to help your team, or adding a utility tool to do something cool, you are now box, and you must remain box until you get your relic, but by the time you get said relic you forgot how to play not box.

everyone hates the box, even teh box players.


How are you flying in a mad max game? This is the alt on the other side instead of going meta and working for a relic you have settled in and now it is time to experement you find the interesting combos, and help shape the meta the box users use, sadly though msot see you as doing space magic that makes no sense. Good news the rep that comes with this is grand bad news, you now have to pay to keep up with parts to keep this rank or go back to stage five.

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was going to post images, but really didn’t want to post an iamge of a box, so if anyone wants to post a build of theirs for each stage go ahead.


There were flying machines in Mad Max movies. Not exactly hovers, but flying and Mad Max are not mutually exclusive.

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think you missed the point with that statement, in games like this flight is rare.

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Good thing for us is “This is not a mad max game”


ya,it’s a blend of ‘Twisted Metal’ and ‘Mad Max’ :crazy_face:

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thechnicly it is post apocaliypic in a world where we where almost star treck.

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click the link,give it read :crazy_face:

Read it, what are we looking for?

This is a review.

he said what is in the review,i thought it was funny,so i said clik the link :rofl:
‘post apocalyptic’
hence the :crazy_face:


This stage is BS.
The only thing needed it it’s time and a selection of weapons to vary time to time.
you don’t need to play the meta.
Just remain in the PS bracket that you are more familiar with, surround yourself with a diverse weapon selection and parts selection that you like.
This would be my advice to whom decide to go through that path.
I reckon i will manage to reach my first breaker in a year from the starting point.

another thing.
I think progression is not that linear, it may vary according to type of build in question.
case in point,
One can be good building one type of build but rubbish building other type, and so so building a third kind of build, and so forward.

regarding the build evolution.

I kept some out.

Dude it was a joke this whole topic is a joke. why did you take it seriously?

Why not?

It’s kind of cool what you did.
I mean, i have my storage and exhibition slots packed with builds, old builds.
builds that most probably i never will play again, but i like to maintain a record.
I don’t have the blueprint of my very first racing build after i asked for advice in the forum (but i still have a screenshot in my other PC).
But i do have a bunch of racing builds that were the evolution to that one very first build. they all are winners, one of them have the 1 st against a hoover 8 k PS above it.
You just gave me a reason to put it out. it’s the first time i see a bunch of them side by side.

I wonder if other people do the same i would like to see where they started and their progression.

Let me ask you a question.
From the images i posted, what you think is the most influential build ?