Crossout coin spreadsheet

Hello. Is there any spreadsheet to check the best way to farm coins? It would be great if it was be
just uptaded to the newest version of game.
Btw. I’m looking for spredsheet with weapons dps. Does somebody have the one?

What works for me is, when the packs go on sale, buy one containing stuff you already have (weapons, cabin, etc.). You can then sell the duplicated stuff you don’t need, and combined with the coins included in the pack, I find I get more coins than if I just bought the coins directly. Don’t tell the developers, please.

They used to have one of these online that was updated every patch. Some how they where able to rip all the numbers out of the client. But since then, a loooooong time ago they patch the game and made it so they couldn’t get the info.

We have not had a spreadsheet since then that I know of.