Crossout Cosplay Contest

The first post-apocalyptic award is getting closer! Of course, all of the celebrities will be there. It’s a great way to let the costume creators know about themselves, too!

Craftsmen of the Valley have long been known for their ability to assemble an armored car from the materials at hand. It’s time to prove yourself in costume creation!

All details are on Reddit. Because we’re weirdly ashamed to post that on our website.

And here’s a freebooted version of the Reddit contest announcement:

What to do

Make a costume based on Crossout game and post a photo of yourself in the costume in the comments


2 winners will receive “Catalina (deluxe edition)” pack
3 runner-ups will receive “Eater of Souls” pack

Send your works until 09:00 GMT, June 5 2023

Additional conditions

The screen with Crossout running in the background should be visible.
Write your in-game nickname.
Only Crossout-related entries will be accepted.
You may post only 1 entry. Entries submitted later will not participate in the contest.
If you use someone else’s photo, you will be disqualified from the contest.
Photos must follow community rules.

Good luck, catboys! (Or how else are we going to get any more participants than that girl in the photo?)

Kind of weird.

But whatever…


Even if I was into Cosplay and had the skills, material, and time I still wouldn’t do this, especially nowadays it’s just giving too much information out to get abused/stolen as this game has been attacked before.


Don’t mind me, just CoSplaying as a Ravager…

profile 3

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If I had the skills and the time I would make a close enough cardboard Scorpion I can wear on my head, put it on, wear nothing but dirty underwear, write “HOVER” onto my fat hairy stomach and take a picture of myself T-posing and submit it.


Or the trolls that have been on the forum - doing his/her/its best to data-mine as much as possible to attack other forum members. It’s behavior like that that led me to learn how to hide as much info as I can in-game & on the forum.

That being said, I love tinkering & Halloween… if I get bored, I might make an attempt at something. There are plenty of characters who are fully disguised.

don’t forget to have a hair-dryer pointing down taped around your belly.

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