Crossout Day builds

How are you all feeling about the builds in this years crossout day? Got any favorites?

In general I feel like the selection is quite stale, there area lot of repeats for guns, like 2 builds with crickets, 3 with destructors, and too many builds have the Aegis shield. I also feel a general lack of fun builds, there’s the squidward and the dove poop pidgeon and I think that’s it. The other builds are not very artsy either, and I feel like there is too big of a divide between the builds, like there are very good builds and very horrible builds, and not much in between

The builds in general feel a bit too normal compared to the past two brawls at least. And the weapon selection is rather stale just like the overall art direction of these builds.

While some builds function better than others, I don’t have a favorite one this year, none of them really make me love the build in question. On the other hand I can just list off builds I do not like at all due to being just horrible to play and use, but I can not think of a singular one I like to any specific amount. Most of the builds feel like they take themselves a bit too seriously design wise, rather than the funny whacky builds you usually see

I need more garage spaces as always. The rest of the stuff I don’'t care that much about but I want it to do well regardless;

the “event” is a joke considering its called crossout day. its literally just like every single one of those brawls that cycle each hour
immesurably underwhelming

I like to pretend I’m M420 with this one.
They could have made it more sporty looking, probably.

It’s fun, but I need more practice, and I’m not used to having a force-field, so I always forget to use it.


There is a Pikachu with Spark IIIs and a face with a Yongwang in its mouth, along with a pretty artsy looking AA gun, and a TIE Fighter, but that doesn’t really look like one.

The repeats are really starting to become apparent the more I play this, with so many guns in the game there sure is lots of same guns on 2-3 builds in this brawl, and nothing juicy that is mostly unobtainable to casual players like relics in general outside one sucky scorpion build, which also is just a normal car but a scorpion on top, last year we had an angry dual scorpion duck

I’m enjoying the vehicles with shields. Makes me think I should get one again. Or maybe two, and try the double bubble approach.

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I think my overall “favorite” builds in this are the dual Spark, or Flash I can’t genuine tell if this is spark with CK or a relic, by the damage numbers alone I would believe it to be a legendary weapon, and the Jotun builds. But not out of genuinely liking them, but because they are the best for farming out the get 30 kills/assists for the crate

I think my least “favorite” builds are the three builds with Skadi, I was a bit bummed out on missing out on this gun from not purchasing the battlepass, but now that I have played extensively on these three builds in this brawl I no longer feel bad at all about it

If you like full speed reverse, this one is very evasive.

If I get this one as an option, of course I pick it.

This one is cool looking, but when I took the screenshot, I don’t recall the purple fart-cloud being there. WTF is that?

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A plasma rocket. Syndicate weapon, can’t remember what it’s called.