Crossout Day Rewards

Happy first day, et cetera.

Now, about rewards. I’ve completed the “collect 7 drones” challenge and got 25 points. Now it says “you have completed all challenges in this season. There will be no challenge updates”.

I’ve got 1st place and 2nd place once and twice, respectively. No points were awarded. I’m not sure there are points in this battle.

What should one do to achieve other rewards?

wait for the next day for more challenges otherwise, you are just farming scrap

I suppose I’ll just wait, yeah. I’m just confused by this “no more challenges for you, peasant!” notification.

Try to collect further the drones
I guess 1 drone is 1 point

That would be sooooo stupid then. But I’ll try.

That didn’t work out. Collected a drone, got nothing after the match.

Ended up 1st place again, no points, no progress.

Gee, I wonder why is the game so unpopular. /s

I’m having the same issue, I’m collected 16 drones thus far and only the first 7 counted, and like you ain’t getting anymore points, wonder if this is a bug?

Sure as hell a bug, they need to fix their shit.

An update: another challenge for 25 point just popped up. Looks like that misleading notification was another fudging up. One daily challenge it is, I guess.

The event is pure pain. Random vehicles with 90% of them being trash? Check. Random objective spawns? Check. Objectives that have nothing to do with fighting? Check.

The game’s literally 16 derps running around the map, dodging fights, hoping to find a drone. This is probably the lowest an event ever reached here.

and just when i thought a new daily would be something …well…new…
nope need to collect 7 more drones again,thank you…
maybe that free 10 day premium will be wasted on event? lol :crazy_face: