Crossout day upgrades: What did you do?

What did all of you pick to upgrade from what was offered?

I did a pair of crickets already and I am currently working on a pair of prosecutors.

I did the mass/mass Beholder

I’m getting it ready for the new light spider legs :slight_smile:

Mass/mass beholder + the new upcoming legendary engine + as many fused light legs as needed.

Not sure the weapon set I want to use yet, but I’m looking to make a CW META build with it.

Need to see how all these changes pan out first, but I like to try and plan ahead.

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Sounds pretty good, I was really tempted by the aegis prime upgrade but I didn’t really want to lock in that type of coinage yet. I’m looking forward to those little leggies too.

The prosecutors I just wanted for comparison to the upgraded judges I already have already plus I get board doing just judge or avalanche for cannon challenges. The pair of crickets is for a smaller steppe grinder build I already have. I was surprised how dead throw they can get.

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ohhshh i almost forgot i was waiting on the ammo pack to unlock


That epic ammo pack was tempting too.

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I would do ammo packs on the “fuse 2 instead of 3” events.

You away get the ammo increase so no real risk.

And it’s 33% cheeper

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kinda off topic , but part of that camper pack was increasing parts count to 80 , big win for new guys


My other one doesn’t match the upgrade it’s res damage and mass I think… I can check in like 2hrs but I know it wasn’t what I went for last time. I kind of agree with you that it’s hard to get a bad roll on some of them especially radar and detectors.

@125220450 I don’t mind this is just a chatter topic non-serious.