Crossout Going Out Of Business Sale! Hovers Hovers Hovers!

Since Crossout is obviously destitute and bound for collapse due to the eminent disaster of the proposed updates, I’m encouraging you all to sell off your Hovers before their price plummets into oblivion. So hurry and cash in while you can.

I’m currently seeing a small downward trend in the market price of hovers…but I think you guys can do better. Honestly, the way they are predicted to become in a few weeks, 300 coins maybe too much to ask by November for a then useless and ruined movement part. So I encourage you to rapidly sell off all those hovers before it’s too late, and the price depreciates to say…250 coins, please

Since you won’t be using them anyway, right?


There’s not a whole lot of rhyme or reason to the market man. This is coming from a player with 30 000 market purchases so i am pretty experienced. The cheap red hovers is actually up by a lot i paid 250 for them and they are selling for 450 at the moment. Icarus survived all the past nerfs. iv was usually in 250-400 range and vii was always 450-650. I say price will stabilize if there is a slight downward trend and if it do drop it won’t be too much. A lot of the price ups and downs is just due to simple variance.

market is also kind of hard to predict, for example they buffed goliaths not that long ago and guess what? goliaths are actually selling for less at the moment then before devs buffed them so market can be tuff to predict.

So, what you’re saying is that the next time I do Satire, I should turn up the sarcasm a bit? You’re probably right. It was late and I was tired. It’s sort of a jerky thing to do anyway.

My point is, I don’t actually think anybody believes their hovers are dead. I think it’s mostly empty rhetoric, and if it’s not then I invite them to put their money where their mouth is, and do the next logical thing; sell’em…but that’s not what’s happening.

You’re right, there is no indication of people flushing their Hovers. They sell a little cheaper at night, for whatever reason. Almost everything does where I’m at, so the flux really isn’t that unusual.

I don’t see that the market reflects any devotion to their arguments about the new update, despite the deep darkness of their vitriol. They don’t appear to believe it themselves…but if they did…I’ll buy’em (cheap).


One of my ideas is if it’s possible to do a ram build with hovers.
or other wacky destruction derby build…if they go dirty cheap

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I tested a Hover build with triple Sparks today that seemed dmn brutal to the farm-bots, and was a lot of fun, but I think it was probably too fragile for actual pvp, so I didn’t bother. It’s hard to actually test anything accurately in there (on the Test Server), because of the very relaxed matchmaker. It’s really brutal and full of top-shelf META, so today I just tried out various movement parts out on the farm. I love the farm.

everyones hovers are fused lol

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I know…that’s sad. I’m pretty sure that’s why they invented fusion (coin-sink), or is at least what persuaded them to develop that feature in the way they did.

Then it’s all scrap. Salvage to get a few raw materials…


which isn’t a bad thing. My original concept was with a heavy cabin with lots of boosters.
If i can do it to wounded builds with my plows going at 70 ish kph and sometimes less than full speed ahead.
I’ve seen medium builds doing that multiple times in a match.
I just have to tweak to be less than 200 kph.
Just imagine…
a 20 tons heavy build going towards you at… let’s say…150 kph, at full swing, there’s probably nothing capable of standing in it’s way and survive.
no guns, just boosters and plows and passive melee parts.
For now it’s just a concept in need to be proven. Hoovers would be cool too but their flimsy nature will or would add to the variables.

salvaging is for 20 iq mongs

now thats just mean, especially since you clearly know how doc savage used to write about how he salvaged his fused battlepass crap.

Jesus…I’m sure on your mind a lot. Is this a man-crush? It’s starting to look weird.

Nobody really cares what I think, and shouldn’t be freaked out when I don’t agree with them on everything. I’m happy if they’re interested in my opinions, though, and that’s enough for me. Normal people are secure enough with themselves to maintain their opinions regardless of what somebody else thinks about them. Boy you sure do care what I think, though. What’s that all about?
That was a rhetorical question. I don’t even want to know. I’m done. You can continue to follow me around soiling yourself every time I post. That’s up to you, but I think it’s weird. I’m not going to take you seriously, and should have known better in the first place. Thanks for that lesson. Good luck with your English.

its not weird to be gay at all, many are, but im straight. and ofc i care about what is written here, otherwise i wouldnt read it. and you should care more about what you say too if you dont like being quoted on it.

I don’t care about the quotes. It’s that you’re a jerk about it. That and basically everything you say is some kind of mean rhetoric.

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