Crossout gotten too mobile

Does anyone else feel like modern day crossout has gotten too mobile and nimble in general with the movement, that most “old” guns, especially rotating single shot ones as opposed to bullet spam, just can’t generally keep up, even on omnidirectional parts?

I think that all guns that rotate and shoot a singular projectile and afterwards require time to reload, could use a general projectile traveling speed buff and rotation speed buff. And weapons that require charging or otherwise holding the button down to fire (Waltz, Astraeus for example) could do with a slight decrease in the time needed to charge a shot

This could give other weapons more of a fighting chance in modern day crossout that is dominated by spam fire weaponry and just rapid fire bullet spam on nimble builds doing the usual zigzagging that people were struggling with back when sideways hovers existed

Honestly though by this point the suckiness just feels intentional, especially when they slowly pretend to buff these weapons, and then roll out some random thing like complete armor rework nullifying years of slight tweaks on multiple guns that never were good enough

Yeah camera steering made this game just an fps, literal no skill the build does all the calculations for you when you point the camera

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I disagree, vehicles were way snappier years ago. Cannons have always been bad, My first dedicated build was a tracked executioner and I can remember the frustration using it against hovers. It was horrible then and it still is now.
Omnis need to lose their instastrafe but regain their diagonal acceleration, augers need their pre-omni driving model back, gerridas need an accel nerf and hovers need to lose accel going uphill. Epic wheels need a massive durability nerf because they are the most indestructible movement parts in game and nobody using them fears getting dewheeled.
Camera steering should be removed or just made into an assist that still requires manual control. I could see keeping it if it can only assist steering 5 or so degrees.

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Crossout is too slow. There shouldnt be a 120 speed cap. High PS builds shouldnt struggle to get up hills with legendary engines. Wheels shouldnt start off like they are in mud.

To make the game better, make it faster


So basically what I am gathering is that the things that should be fast (going forward, going uphill) is not, and the things that should not be (instastrafing) is

Yeah, that does sound like usual crossout level incompetence all right

Camera steering sucks.

Hovers and Gerridas being the only mobile movement parts sucks

This game was supposed to be a vehicular combat game, instead it’s just a shitty and extremely slow TPS for anyone not playing the current dumb OP movement part. Everybody but hovers and gerridas is stuck in sand, stuck on slopes, stuck against walls, stuck at 50 kmh, stuck on trash invisible decor hitboxes, stuck against a Flash Firebug shitlord, stuck at 4k players and going down.

they took the reloading perk off the kaiju and HOLY CRAP can you tell the difference. the charge time for the kaiju is long and also extremely misleading to. you pretty much have to look at the weapon icon on the bottom of the screen to see WHEN its fully charged because the aiming reticle doesnt tell you when its ready.

honestly alot of movement parts are so bad. ML200’s are quite painfully bad imo. they slow down drastically on a slight slope and they are slow as molasses to turn. not to mention enemies can STILL WEDGE ME despite it getting a buff to be able to be more stable and grounded / unmovable. yeah i feel that was a lie…

in general though ML200 legs need a buff to turn speed. if they are going to be that slow then they should at least be able to turn quickly. omni directional movement parts need to stop… though i dont mind the atoms. they are cool and have a nice perk.

also dont forget they lowered the top speed of cabins as well. and they added a perk that gives cabins +3 to max speed… why not +5?

So that explains why Kaiju sucked so much when i tried it out recently, I used to reload it based on sound rather than any visual indicator so basically I was never fully charging up my gun even though I thought I was

Yeah it sucks, they really do not give a single thought to anything

patch note:

  • “Kaiju”: replaced “reloading” with “penetration ability +20%”.

if you look on the upgrade table it no longer has reloading at all.
this i believe has killed playability with the kaiju. it takes longer to reload and even with the cabins that boost reload speed its still slow.

its in the update here [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Rise of the machines - News - Crossout